Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We've been going to our church for 11 years. 11 years! We started going along as I was desperate for something like the church my sister then attended in South Africa. Alive, vibrant, multi-cultural, Spirit led and more.

God met my wish list and then some with Equippers. I am constantly amazed at how much our church fits us or we fit it. We just "get" our church and know that our church gets us.

We have had good times. Dida's salvation, both of our baptisms and the children's dedications. We had endless love and support during our years of waiting for Rupi. We have friendships that inspire and amaze us. We are loved and love in return.

There have also been rough times. Not bad times, just a rough patch. It was when Dida transitioned from working full time for church into the secular workforce again. Relationships morphed and changed and we had to figure out a whole lot of things. But God used that time to free us from the fear of man and to teach us about relationships.

I love two things about our church. One is how accepting they are. That acceptance is set from the top. And we have a pretty amazing "top"- an amazing wife/ husband team who lead our church. Dida and I don't fit the mould, well, there is no mould to fit really. I am unusual. A mother and business woman. I don't see many women like me at church. But I know that my God-given call is supported and accepted. I don't run a coffee group or help with a children's music group. I am different. And totally accepted.

The second thing I love is our homegrown talent. We attract world reknown speakers. People that blow your mind. But the best we have is at home. Our senior pastor is doing a series at the moment and it's revelation. God-inspired revelation. This man truly hears from God. Every time he speaks, I hear the quiet still voice of God. And he's ours! Equippers bred & homegrown. Yessah!

If you are ever in town come along and visit! We'll have coffee (of course) before the service then hold onto your seat. Our church rocks.

Disclaimer: If you go to church I am sure your church is awesome too, hehe!



jacksta said...

Its great going to a place where you feel at home. Im coming up 11 years at my church too!

Rebecca said...

Yay, I heart Equippers too!

PaisleyJade said...

Just love hearing people raving about their church! So important to get plugged in somewhere where you know you belong and can be planted, grow and bear fruit. Equippers sounds awesome. xoxo

Simoney said...

Yep. Its not bad.

Anonymous said...

It's great to feel like it's okay to be your proper shape in church. That is exactly as it should be.

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