Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ode to my Blossom

Have I mentioned how brave my small girl is? Braver than her mother that's for sure. This was pointed out to me by Dida. True.

She has needed some blood tests to try and see what the heck she's reacting to. So there's been a long list of blood needing to be drawn and a skin prick test to do. And have I ever mentioned (maybe 400 times or so) that I am needle phobic? Maybe something to do with having about a million needles poked in me over the last couple of years.

So getting my little girl with tiny chubby arms to the clinic have been quite a trial. My Mom came to the rescue and came along on Friday. Turns out they only did the skin prick test as the whole caboodle would have been too much in one go. And she didn't even cry through it all. And yes, I (shamefully) did.

Dida took her along on Sat for the actual blood draws and she was so brave. She did cry but it didn't last long. She came home with a tiny plaster on one small chubby arm and pointed it out to me. Cute face.

Hats off to you my sweet Blossom!



Elizabeth said...

Ahhh - poor Blossom, been there and done that just recently also... and like you, my girl was MUCH braver than me also!

Leonie said...

Oh Sammy, I am so with you!! I am terrified of needles. My son had to have all those tests and I sent him with my Mum and Dad (Im a big chicken). The worst was when my big girl had to go to hosptial and have lures put in... I was crying my eyes out.

What a brave, gorgeous wee girl you have!!!

Brigitte said...

Dear wee one! Hope this is last of the blood tests for her. Never nice for child or mother! :( xx

Meg said...

Oh Sammy I hope you get some answers soon. I've often found the skin prick tests harder work that the blood tests. R had one a couple of weeks back though and the man taking the blood couldn't find the vein. It was awful!

jennohara said...

Aww, what a brave sweet sweet girl!

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