Monday, June 13, 2011


And found! I am still here. But I have been busy. Very very busy. Every waking hour (that I am not being Mama or wife) busy.

I won a big project with a super tight program. Lovely and super stretching. Having my own business means that I can't delegate anything. Nothing. At all. So I am relearning old skills. Like photoshop. I spent ALL of last weekend creating these (Judge not ye of many photoshop skills...)

Anyhoo. They did the job and the client loves the concept. Sold. Now we are drawing. Well, I am not actually drawing. It's the first project where I have hired others to do the draughting. Big steeeeeep learning curve for Mrs Control Freak here.

I am getting there and it's just a short season. I will be more regular soon. Now that sounds bad doesn't it????



Meghan at MNM's said...

Beautifully done - so excited for you in this next phase of your big project - and for winning a big project yay you!

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