Monday, June 27, 2011

Murphy's Law

You know how you feel like death and then on the way to the doctor you suddenly feel so much better? Like you shouldn't really trouble the doctor at all... or have taken the time off work?

I had the equivalent today.

Blossom woke up howling from her afternoon nap. Inconsolable. She would only be held in one position- me standing with her vertical on my chest. Then she would reduce the howling to a wail. To be resumed the instant I moved.

After half an hour of this I was due to to get Rupi up from his nap and had no idea how I was going to survive the remainder of the afternoon. I had a quick think (because I need to be DESPERATE for the next step) and called Dida. "Come home please. Now. No, now. This minute please" were my words to the background screaming. He canceled 500 things he had to do and started driving home.

He texted me "5min away" Thank you Jesus I thought. And at that instant Blossom stopped howling, disengaged herself from my body and toddled over to watch the DVD I had put on for Rupi.


Dida arrived home to two quiet children and a wife who could not stop explaining that really Blossom was going crazy. Just a minute ago, I promise. Seriously.

Doesn't help that Dida was extremely busy at work.....

However, I am super glad he was home early. Blossom really is not well and having the extra pair of hands was amazing. Still, why couldn't she have cried for just 5 min more? I feel like a bit of a trickster!



Elizabeth said...

Haha - Lydia has done that also!

Love the new header :-)!

Brigitte said...

Oh bless! I have SO been there also! :) X

mountain mama said...

isn't that funny in a weird kind of way? i have no idea why that happens!!

i wonder if she has an ear infection or something bless her heart...and yours! :)

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