Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blossom's week

The roller coaster with Blossom's health continues. This may be an epic saga but I pray not. She had her skin prick test for inhalant allergins last Friday. Nothing. No reaction at all. NOTHING.

We went for coffee afterwards at a cafe where she held a soft toy and later that afternoon we visited a big dusty library where she played with their giant collection of teddy bears. She then proceeded to start a huge allergic reaction that has lasted 7 days ##**&#$#!!!!!!!

The little darling has been so sick. Vomiting, diarrhoea, coughing 24/7, not eating, wheezing, puffy face, eczema flair up, not sleeping. It's been a horror. Back to the doctor and he says based on clinical observation (ie me observing her) she has a severe dust mite allergy. With a side of dairy intolerance.

We do have a bit of a plan though:
  1. I need to be (lots) more observant about where we go and what it's like when we get there.
  2. No being around sick people during a reaction (Blossom also got a cold which added to her woes)
  3. We have steroids now for when a reaction starts which will dull the severity of it and a super dooper anti-histamine. Not thrilled about the potential use of steroids but even less thrilled about going through another week like we've had.
  4. We are making the house more "anti dust mites".
  5. We are on the wait list to see the immunologists/ allergy specialists at Starship. Apparently they are renowned and very wise. Yay!
Not much else to say really. Blossom is now a skinny minny with stick legs. Her pants are falling off her *sigh* Today we battled to get food down her and she's off her bottle completely. Still she's snugly tucked up in bed, warm and sweet smelling, prayed over and with the vaporizer going and utterly sound asleep. Good one.

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Elizabeth said...

Awww - poor wee chick :-(! Poor Mum also... hate seeing my girl sick, so you must hate having to see this again and again also.

I saw a new Dr. today, and despite Button reacting to the prick test (food allergies though), he says they're inaccurate until the kids are four years old?!? What?!? But maybe that is why Blossom isn't reacting as expected (he was a Pediatrition in SA, with an interest in allergies before moving here - not sure what to think now).

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that Blossom has had a tough week :( I have a friend who has a severe allergy to dust mites. Big hugs for you, and huge hugs for Blossom!

Our Whanau said...

Hey, hey,.... yep, we've been through that with Olivia. Her allergy was apparently the extreme end of the spectrum. At around the same age too. .... she is growing out of it now.. but it does flair up now and then. I hope that can give you a bit of hope!! We had to do a no msg, additives thing with her food too, no acetic fruit too and a few other bits which were not nice for her. There is a great little book called the Chemical Maze which made grocery shopping a lot easier for me too.

Hope you see BIG improvement as you make your house more dustmite friendly :) So know what you are going through!! xxxx

Amy said...

Poor Lovey. And poor Blossom too. Hope you get the answers you need soon, and the solution to building her immunity. xx

mountain mama said...

ohh nooo! do you guys have any doctor of naturopathy there??

i feel like you asked me a question on my blog and i didn't answer? please let me know, it's been a zoo around here! :)

jennohara said...

Poor thing...sorry she had such a bad week.
At least you have a plan and know what's causing her trouble. I hope she's better soon!

Penny said...

Give Blossom a big hug xx miseed you this morning

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're having such a frustrating time. My niece went through this and it was awful for her and her family. I am hoping the immunologist provides you with the answers you need x

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