Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A different kind of weekend

We got given a night away. Wonderful. It meant I had to get over being separated from Blossom for the first time since she was an embryo, but I worked through that one. Then a family drama threatened to derail the whole event but my sister Nikkey came to the rescue so we were on!

As we drove we dreamed and talked of just the two of us. We had visions of an evening of intimate chit chat over excellent food. Our evening would end with a bubble bath (for me) and us snuggled up in a giant fluffy bed with cable movies and glasses of wine. We had it planned.

We headed off into the sticks to this place. An estate (dahling). We drove up a gorgeous driveway and as we got out of the car we were greeted by name by a charming lady. Wha? She shepherded us into an old house where we were confronted by a group of people sitting in a large living area. She introduced us all and showed us our room. Which opened off the living area. Told us to leave the bedroom door open so the room could warm up and then come back out and have coffee with everyone. Clearly this was not going to plan.

We escaped around a corner to a big squashy couch and tried to readjust our expectations. This was really a posh house party where everyone was expected to be social. There were quite a few outdoor activities we could have had "time alone" doing but it was freezing and raining. So we hibernated on the couch and then eventually ventured out.

The other people were really lovely and we quickly got involved in conversation. The manager was incredible and anticipated our every move. She seemed to know what we were doing or wanted before we knew ourselves. This is what it must be like to be very rich and have an attentive butler. Must be honest, as a middle class pleb, I am not sure I could get used to it!

Dinner was communal, of course. The manager set up the tables with like minded people and she did a great job. The people at our table were funny and charming. The food was superb. We had a rugby mad couple at our table who wanted to watch a game. The only issue was that the TV was in the main living area. The one with a number of bedrooms opening off it. No problem as at about 10.30pm the manager came in, grabbed the remote off the rugby watchers and muted the sound. Done. They watched the remainder of the game in silence.

We DID have a good time though! All in all a great weekend away, just very different to what we had expected/ planned. For your info, when someplace has the words "estate" after it, this is what you get! No anonymity allowed.

No photos from my actual camera either. Wasn't the kind of place you could whip out your camera and take photos of the food. No sirree.

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Simoney said...

hahaha! We stayed at a B&B like that once!
Anticipated a lovely romantic getaway and ended up with the manager chewing our ear off; sure does look like a beautiful place tho!!

Penny said...

wow, that is different! Well an experience to add to you books and at least it was luxurious. The room and house looks amazing!

Gail said...

oh, so sad you didn't get the couch and smoochy face time :) You guys will just have to go again - somewhere else!

That place looks lovely though! lovely.

jennohara said...

:) awe...too bad it wasnt what you expected! You WILL have to go somewhere again soon. For sure. Glad you still had a nice time. :D

Anonymous said...

LOL! Your first scenario sounds perfect, I would have thrown a not-so-pretty tantrum had it been me ambushed by strangers! HA! Glad you enjoyed yourselves in the end. The place looks sumptious. :)

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