Friday, July 15, 2011


*Disclaimer- this post is not open to a vigorous debate. I respect your opinion and so (pretty) please respect mine.*

Yeah, so we're non- vaccers. That means that Rupi and Blossom have never had a vaccination. I am not convinced about them and the research I have done confirms my belief. But. As of next week we are starting the process with Rupi.

To choose to non- vaccinate is fraught with emotion. People are seriously passionate about it and even close family members have had a go at us. The media pull out all the stops and when debating it, bring in the nuttiest crack pot they can to talk about it. There's a lot of ill feeling out there for non-vaccers.

So we've been pretty quiet about it and not talked about it much. Much as I would prefer never to vaccinate we realise that life is not ideal. I would like to always eat organic, never to have been infertile, never to have been on antibiotics, to have breast fed until my babies were over 12 months and use all natural stuff at home. But none of this is realistic or been do-able.

We have never been completely anti vaccinations. We just wanted to give the kiddies immune systems time to develop. And I am glad we've waited. Neither child had had an illness that is serious, no ear infections etc. Aside from Blossom's allergies, they are both very healthy. And maybe that's due to not vaccinating and maybe not.

It's time to start. Rupi starts pre school in November so it's a good time. There are some diseases that have dire consequences and we don't want to risk them. And yes, there's a whole debate about whether vaccinations actually prevent disease or not. I am not convinced either way but at this stage we are erring on the side of caution.

We are going to spread them out. No multiple injections for us and if we can split them we will. I am also going to dose Rupi right up on Vit C in the days leading up to each vaccination as this helps the body to cope. And we'll assess each vaccination and may choose not to do some.

It's a big decision for us. I think all parents make the best choice they can and this is the best one for us. We are strangely excited about it as it means that our little boy is now a big boy!



Catherine said...

((hugs)) you are very brave putting it out there and I totally respect your decision/s.
I was anti vaccinations, however, after doing my research along with some family pressure, I chose to vaccinate (some) and chose not to vaccinate (others) - I didn't vaccinate at 6 weeks and like you've decided chose to spread them out and to go singularly - all of my 'perfect life' beliefs were stolen the moment Philosopher became a c-section birth after being stuck in the birth canal - no longer was my choice of oral vitamin K an option and in went the needle ;'( - as much as I wanted to and tried desperately to feed Philosopher myself, I couldn't or he wouldn't so my choice to not vaccinate whilst feeding was also gone.
With Tsunami all my 'perfect life' wants came true and I was able to do what I wanted and her vaccination schedule went the way I wanted in the time order I wanted .. .. ..
And in saying all this - we've just been in isolation because our vaccinated child had the measles (go figure) so who knows whats right and whats wrong -
Obviously every parent (the majority) only ever wants to do the best by their child and makes decisions obviously believing they are doing their best - wether that is vaccinating or not vaccinating .. .. ..

Elizabeth said...

We're due for our 15 month shots next month, not looking forward to it at all!

So gutted I didn't get a chance to see you the other day :-(!

Mumma2s said...

Good on you for making a decision that is right for your family. My mum is a nurse and she has done lots of study into immunisation. She believes that it is best to wait for kids to be older and have a better immune system before starting the process, and she also believes that it is best to skip some.
So we have thought long and hard about each one.
Good luck with the first one. I hope it all goes well.

Anonymous said...

blessings to you on this journey Sammy as you decide what is best for your little bundles!!!

love and light

ps I am glad you waited ; )

Beth said...

Sammy I respect your choice so much. We did a lot of research before deciding what to do with our boys, we decided the other route as it suited our family more. As a mom you have to do what is right for YOU it may not be right for everyone but it is not up to everyone! Hold your head up high girl and be proud of your decisions, God was in them!

mountain mama said...

good for you!! gotta listen to your instincts! :)

Anonymous said...

I always feel bad when I read posts like this - I vaccinated without a second thought! :P But I think I was influenced by my grandma, who suffered from polio. A huge chunk of her childhood was lost to that awful disease, which has been largely eradicated by vaccinations. Good on you for researching, making an informed decision and doing what's right for you and your family. :)

Sammy said...

Hey Helen, you did the best for your kids. Each set of parents chooses what they think is best.
I chose not to vaccinate without an awful lot of research, I went with my gut feeling. Which is not the greatest reason to choose NOT to vaccinate is it, haha!
If I had seen a close family member suffer from a disease that is now vaccinated against, I probably would have chosen to vaccinate. Your reasons to vaccinate were sound and show awesome parenting xxx

jennohara said...

vaccinations are a tough one for me too. I feel they get so many now at such a young age! Stick to your instincts though!~ Preschool is definitely a good time for it. What a big boy he getting to be!

Anonymous said...

We were a mix and match family. I felt relaxed about the vaccinations that were given to us as children as they have a long track record but I opted out of both the 'new' ones that were on offer when mine were small (different ones with only a 2.5yr gap!) I felt they didn't have enough of a track record for me to trust the long term effects. I think our most important role in things of this nature is to be informed and intentional and make the wisest choices we can. Good on you for sharing your story.

Jamie Swan said...

Great post and right where I am at right now too. Kids not immunized but am feeling affected by all the coverage of measles in Auckland, awareness that things like Rubella will come to haunt my girl when she starts her family...the risk of mumps on my boys reproductive capability. *Heavy Sigh* I'm still feeling myself out on this one. Thanks for braving such a controversial topic!

Simoney said...

I oersonally think DELAY is a great middle ground. that's what I have done, althought because we have travelled a lot with our kids, I wasn't able to delay quite as long as you :)
Sometimes you have to weigh up the risks - what is worse? The risks of vaccinationg, or the risks of NOT vaccinating?
When you are in a country like NZ where nasty diseases are all but eradicated we have the luxury of choice; but when travelling to or through countries where our kids have a chance of ctaching these terrible disesases... vaccination usddenyl seems like the lesser of two evils.
Good on you for putting it out there Sammy :)

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