Sunday, July 3, 2011

The saga of Blossom

Went to see the doc Friday. Our usual one. NOT green smoothie guy.

[Warning! Tangent...
I go to a holistic practice and they are great. But sometimes you just need the drugs. Green smoothie guy is the one I see when I can't get into our doctor. His standard response to anything (cold, cough, allergy, loss of limb, gangrene) is to try green smoothies. I am all for veggies and the benefits. But Blossom is a bit beyond a green smoothie. I had to force him to give us a referral to the paediatrician last time. He wanted us to try a new recipe with kale in it.... enough said.]

Our doctor said that Blossom IS intolerant to dairy. Sometimes allergins don't show up in test when children are very young. As she improves dramatically when she's off dairy, he believes we should keep her off dairy for another 6 months.

And he thinks she has an inhalent allergin too -mould, dustmites, pet hair etc. So we'll get a skin prick test for those and see.

Oh and he says that she doesn't have anything sinister or malignant. [My primary worry and you know how dramatic I can get. It's a gift (ha!)]



These Three Kings said...

awww, I hope all turns out well. I will pray :)
it makes me laugh at the thought of you being dramatic
you?? nooo way! (smiling) Happy 4th of July friend!

Shelby said...

I can SO relate. I LOVE my holistic doctor, but she too thinks all things can be healed with more "greens." I agree in theory - and we ALWAYS try our greens first, but I'm with you - sometimes enough is enough! Our nine year old has been off of dairy since shortly after he was weaned (at age 3). He is now able to eat small amounts, but he did so much better without any. Plenty of greens will make up for any lack of calcium, so never fear! ;) Hang in there, kids just like to keep us on our toes.

Meg said...

Hi Sammy

hey reading your posts about Blossom's allergies/intolerances has reminded me so much of what we went through with Reuben. I had forgotten but his skin tests came back totally clear at first. It wasn't till he was over 18mths that we got any sort of result with them. Just stick to her dairy free diet and get her retested again when she's older. If it turns out she is allergic (and it shows in the tests) then she's probably entitled to a child disability allowance (for special food). Well worth getting if you can.

here's a link to my old blog and our allergy dramas... if you want to read them. Big hugs x

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