Sunday, September 18, 2011

blogging thoughts

More on the blogging, I seem to be in some kind of blog-analysis mode....

I would like to ask a question.... why do we read the blogs of people we'll never meet, will never relate to us and never be our bloggy friends?

I guess it comes down to why you blog. I blog for the sheer joy of it and, as I think I am discovering, to meet new people.

"Meeting new people" means that there needs to be some kind of interaction going. I am all for joining up with the occasional linky as I met Mountain Mama, Shelby and Jennohara that way. But we became bloggy mates. I like them and they like me.

I just got a bit over it all last night. Over reading blogs and leaving comments for people who will never know I exist. It's not like I am craving recognition or wanting attention but it's just a tad tiresome. Like trying to be friendly and meeting a brick wall. Now I know that some bloggers have 40 million followers and can't reply to all the comments, but it kinda sucks to be commenting into fresh air. Some people I really like, well like how they are on their blog and would like to be bloggy friends. Oh the rejection!!!! (kidding, it just irks me!)

I am not talking about reading those blogs of people who you admire but from a distance. I follow a few of those. People who inspire/ interest/ fascinate me. But I don't want to interact with them. So I rarely comment and just enjoy their blogs. Anyone understand what I am saying or do I sound like a lunatic?

I think I blog because I love it. And loving it for me means that I need interaction. So I am culling a whole lot from my reader and un-Following a whole lot. Obviously none of you as you are reading this, HA!

And if YOU comment and I don't comment back, let me know. I try to comment back and be friendly to everyone who comments. I figure, if you have made the effort...!

So yes, blogging is complicated and sometimes a little wearying.....

What do you think?



PaisleyJade said...

I really need to cull some blogs off my reader list as most of them I don't get around to reading! I don't bother to comment on the 'giant' blogs but still enjoying reading their stuff - but I also don't expect a comment back from those I have commented on. Oh the complexities of blogging!! ;) p.s. I think you're sweet

Meghan at MNM's said...

Yup totally with ya on this. I think I've reached about the max level of blogs I want to actively follow because otherwise it is so very all-consuming!

I've found I tend to only follow people's blogs who I REALLY feel a connection with and whose posts keep me wanting more.

Although I do follow the odd blog like Kelle Hampton's where I never comment as she has like 10,000 followers and there's just no point - doesn't stop me loving what she writes though!

I started blogging just to keep family in the loop of what we were up to, but it is so much more than that now. I love the 'meeting new people' part of it and it was a dream come true to meet you, Penny and all the other lovelies recently.

Anyway this was probably just a longwinded way of saying love your work and keep it up xx

Widge said...

I'm ALL about the interaction. I don't read any of the "big" blogs because the lack of interaction kills it for me. Also, like pj I have way too many blogs in my reader that I never actually read...
So totally get you on this :)

Cat said...

Awwww Sammy I love your blog and love it when you comment on mine, however, you're set to 'no reply at blogger' so I can't send you a 'thanks for stopping by and commenting' reply email :(
I hear you oh honey do I hear you - I get sooooooo disheartened when I comment time after time on blogs and get no recognition - almost feel like I'm not part of the 'in gang' . . .
Love your blog and Love you xxx
And thanks for your comment re my post today ::)) Sunday roast was awesome xxx

Gail said...

Hey girl,

Isn't blogging so funny - we love it, we're not sure if we love it, we try and work out why we want to do it, we work out we love the connection, we wonder about who it is we are connecting with, we lose time to it, we plan to not lose time to it..... the list goes on. I keep a couple of the "giants" in my list, mostly because I'm nosey and not because I "know them". Then I have friends. And yesterday I dropped a few who I "felt pressured" to be friends with... and I have more to drop there too. I follow a heap but I haven't visited them in ages.... it's an interesting game. I have my few that I follow and read and comment when I can - and I try to comment on them as often as they post, but sometimes I can't keep up! (You're one of those)... anyhoo. Really, I'm just posting emails and cafe discussions with photos.

The whole commenting thing/ following thing... if I let it bug me, I would've given up ages ago!
It has to be more than that, right!?

Gail said...

P.S who is Kelle Hampton when she's not at home? No idea.

Leonie said...

I totally hear you Sammy, I have been feeling like that lately too... and I have been pretty slack at commenting myself. I run a list of bloggers I have met on my side bar and try (TRY) to visit and comment on those blogs regularly, but not as often as I like.
I usually read all those ones, whether I commment or not... and have far to many on my blogger roll thing... eek, but dont know how to remove them!
I love reading your blog!!

tea said...
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Anonymous said...

I have been SO bad at commenting lately, something I really must remedy. The interaction is a big plus for me - I like to write for an audience and have people tell me I'm awesome ;) ego stroking maybe? But seriously, I feel like I have made some good friends through blogging that I otherwise wouldn't have met, and you are one of them - I love your blog and love it when you comment on mine!

Cat said...

Hey Sammy
I am totally about the interaction myself...I have a few blogs I read for the content but do not interact
For me it is about connections and learning about others and their lives...cultures affect outlooks and I find that fascinating...even those cultures you think to be similar to yours always hold surprises.

I am with PJ...I think you are sweet

love and light

jacksta said...

When click follow...its usually because I have decided...I like what you are about and can relate to your blog and life. I can't be bothered following blogs where it seems to be in alternate reality to mine....perfect pictures...perfect house...perfect creations...I need some drama!
Having said that we all change...and what I liked last year is different to this year. So I dont think its wrong to reassess who you follow.
Im loving the bloggy friends Ive made cool.

Christine said...

You just took the words right out of my mouth! I love leaving comments, and hearing back... but that is a rare occurrence! But I also love getting comments on things I have written... but when the only commenter is my Dad it makes me wonder why I bother :) But I do enjoy it when I get around to it.. most days I just read other blogs though! hehe :)

jennohara said...

Haha!! Made me laugh! I am SO with you on this!! I dont bother commenting on the HUGE blogs because I dont even get recognized. I read your blog all the time, and I LOVE it. (Just so you know!)
But I hear ya. I've un-followed people too. I like connecting with people who relate to me.

Simoney said...

yep, what a palaver this blogworld is
SOmetimes its all I can do just to post something, let alone reply or comment back on those who leave comments.
As for my followers list... I ignore it.
I have a blogroll and read those sem-regularly; some more than others if they are (a) people I know and love or (b) blogs that make me smile

I don't expect a comment back or a an email reply, but I guess if there's no interaction after a few goes with some new blogs... I kiss them goodbye off my blogroll
Too busy to comment when there's no interaction at all.
there's simply
no way any of us can visit and comment on every blogger/blog we like... so I try to visit my @freinds@ maybe once a week - or if the post title intrigues me... but in the end you just have to free yourself from blog guilt or its NO FUN at all!

Penny said...

What you said is part of why i changed my blog...and look how many followers I lost!! Which means the rest weren't commenting and prob not reading anyway.
I love the interaction too
In my eyes there's not that much point otherwise

Elizabeth said...

Haha - I am so in the 'process' of writing this exact post (READ: been thinking about it, but have not done anything about it)! I have been totally disillusioned lately, so taking a break = need to get things straightened out in my mind, then hopefully I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

I find blog equiette confusing at times. I tend to visit someones blog rather than send them an email - especially if the comment doesn't really require a response and I'd prefer the same back my way. But I'm never sure which is right or if I should reply in the comment section...Because I am not on blogger I have no idea if I have any followers at all! LOL! I know a very few get my blog by email but other than that I don't know. On the whole I try to keep in mind that my blog is 1st for me. I also tend to visit kiwis more than anyone else because there is more of a chance of a real connection. I don't get that many comments and so if people are getting more than 10 in their posts I figure they are a 'famous/real' blogger. xx good post. I also tend to be a bit slack at visiting blogs regularly because even though I have a blogger reader thingy I don't actually use it...sorry novel!

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