Monday, September 19, 2011

Switched on

The power cable to our house blew bright and early on Sat morning. I was out the whole day and so poor Dida coped with the lot. At one stage he was on the phone to the electrician with Blossom in the cot screaming, Reuben running wild outside in the rain and at the same time trying to hand a power cord over the fence to a neighbour. Drama.

The power company checked the power to the road. All good. And the switchboard in the house is fine too. Which means the fault was somewhere between the road and the house.....which has a fat concrete driveway in the way.

So Dida got to work. He is incredible in emergencies. Those close to us already have plans in place to come to our place in case of a natural disaster. He is like Bear Grylls (without eating the gross things!) and much better looking.

Yesterday morning he had an electrician scanning the driveway looking for the underground fault. And found it. 10cm away from the edge of the driveway- woop! Dida and one of his workers spent the afternoon cutting a trench around the blown cable. This meant cutting and moving a giant tree out the way. I stayed inside warm and dry and made them cups of coffee. Essential work.

Today they finished off the trench and the electrician came back to replace the cable. The power company flicked the switch again and we now have power. Bliss.

Who knew how essential power could be. Oh yes, most of Christchurch does. I am NOT complaining about the experience at all. We had a power cord to the neighbours on either side so we had limited power. We picked and chose what appliances get power and it's not been too cold. We do not have a house with cracks and holes through the middle of winter and no power at all- like people in Christchurch did. We were ok.

But I am REALLY glad to have power back. Ahhhh electricity, I ♥ you.



Leonie said...

wow! that sounds like a major job getting it sorted!
Not having something certainly makes us appreciate it so much more!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Phew....yay for power and the full appreciation of it too!

Gosh your hubby is pretty darn amazing...Bear Grylls eat your heart out indeed!

Weza said...

Thank goodness for handy hubbys and on-to -it electricians. Amazing neighbours too for letting you use their power. I bet you are enjoying the simple pleasures of boiling a jug and turning on the light.

Rachel Kate said...

Glad you are ok :) love your reference to Bear Grylls hehe so thankful to electricity!

Penny said...

Dida is truly amazing!!!

Renee said...

Haha - I also have a Bear Grylls (much better looking/non gross eating) clone at my house. Love that he's handy! Seems like you were given a taster of 'toughness' so that you were able to appreciate power even more when it came back on!!! xx

Gail said...

I love electricity too. We have a few power cuts here - sometimes a for a day or two. Nasty. and dark.

That Dida of yours is a star!

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