Sunday, September 4, 2011

Loving all sorts!

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Loving a variety of things this week...

♥ Our health system

Rupi loves Toy Story. Rupi loves Buzz Lightyear. And like Buzz Lightyear, has discovered that he cannot actually fly. And in the process of discovering this has fallen, hit a chair with his mouth and pushed a dear little bottom tooth down and out. Ouch.

It got infected (of course) and now has to be removed. And because Rupi is only 2 years old he needs to be knocked right out to do it. Nice. We investigated doing this privately and quickly came to the conclusion that the public health system was as good although he may wait a bit longer for the procedure. The health system with regards to kiddies is second to none. As an adult, maybe not so much? But kids are treated like royalty and we are loving that.

♥ Dairy free, gluten free baking

Finally got some done. Tweaked the heck out of a recipe and added/ substituted all sorts. All I can say is that as Blossom is not used to eating baked goods, I am sure this will be just fine with her. Loving that she gets to eat some chocolate banana cake!

♥ My husband

Creating a strawberry patch for us. Working hard and also gently teaching a very small man how to use power tools. Loving him so much and thankful for a wonderful husband and amazing Daddy to our little ones.

♥ Sweetpea's birthday

Rupi's birth mother is 18 years old tomorrow. We have known her since she was 14 years old... crazy! I tend to give her the same present over and over, a picture of Rupi in a frame. Feels a bit like I am being a lazy present picker. But then this IS her favourite gift as is evidenced by the million pictures of Rupi in her bedroom and every single frame we have ever given her on display. So I do feel like we are giving her what she wants after all!

We love Sweetpea SO much!

♥ The All Blacks & the rugby world cup

Go, go, go!!! My MIL got the kiddies some appropriate rugby clothing and they are rocking it. We can't wait to see the All Blacks win! C'mon New Zealand!!!!



jennohara said...

Love these! I hope that tooth comes out soon and non-painfully!
ouch...poor guy. :(

tea said...

Aww, poor little guy with his tooth. Praying that all goes smoothly when they remove it. Love seeing dads and their sons working together. Blossom looks so cute in her black outfit! :)

tartankiwi said...

Ouch! Poor Rupi! Glad to hear that he's being well looked after though and to see that you are able to look on the bright side.
What a great list of things you're loving... Go the All Blacks :-)

Cat said...

Yeah for the public health system.
We were similarly faced with a public vs private decision for Philosopher when he was 1 and needed a knock out surgery. We also went with public and can not fault them! AMAZING!
Loving your list of things to love - especially photo of power tools - bless -

Gail said...

awwww. Blossom is too cute in that hat!!!

Glad I could make you snort! ha, isn't the whole costume thing hilarious - you are SO RIGHT, it's not me.... but there was something in the China air that day (smog) that made me think, ahhh what the heck, these opportunities only come once in life!!! Hahaha. I think they are hilarious. I have one of Olivia and I to post which is just exquisite. Haha.
Miss you girl!xx

PaisleyJade said...

Oh poor Rupi! One of my girls has had that happen twice!!! Our health system is awesome for kids.

Beautiful pics - loving your loves!

These Three Kings said...

love you list!
Reminds me of 1000 gifts! you are blessed my friend!
Thanks for sharing :)

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