Tuesday, September 6, 2011

dreaded d-word

So I have been on the Dukan diet for 44 days now. It's been rough people.

*For those of you not interested please feel free to tune out with my love and blessings. Diet talk is not for everyone.*

I thank the good Lord above (seriously) that my sister has been on it with me. We have been able to support each other and eat all sorts of protein and funny stuff. For example a cheesecake that you could throw against a wall and it would bounce back at you. Or a muffin that looked like some kind of fluffy mould that you would find under a fridge.

You gotta be commited for this and have a goal in mind. Mine is my rather large *cough* birthday in November. To look good then I would do this and more. Vain? Oh yes.

So anyway, it's been a LOOOOOOONG 43 days so far. I have lost two thirds of the weight I want to lose and can fit into my clothes with ease again. Yay a million times. I have not missed a lot but miss chocolate like my arm is cut off. We have never been separated for this long before.

Moving on....

My point is that this diet is well worth it. I thoroughly recommend it. And no, I still do not have the book and have just used the spreadsheet and website. Easy and cheap. Suits me!



Anonymous said...

Fantastic you are getting the results you want! I lack willpower to stay on any type of diet...it's shocking really!

Anonymous said...

Good on you for making it work. Hope that big birthday comes with a suitably big party!

Cat said...

Yeah for you yeah yeah yeah
I never tried cheesecake or muffins
I stuck to zilch ice cream


sick kids for 6 or was it 7 weeks and my willpower went out the window
hello carbs my old friend


time to find Dr Dukan again

Amy said...

Greg and I are on Dukan day 5. It's not pretty...

tea said...

Yay, Sammy!!! It sounds like you're doing great!!

Tiffany said...

That dinner looks so yummy! Good job girl, keep it up! I've just got to my goal weight a few months ago, so I know what you are going through.

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