Friday, September 9, 2011


Rupi had his tooth removed yesterday. It was such a blessing, we got an appointment with the public health system on the SAME day we were booked in for the private surgery. Woop! God is good!

We arrived at the hospital at 8.30am with no food or drink on board. Fun times. After 35 endless minutes (in which I gave up on trying to control my hungry thirsty and grumpy small child) we were assessed. We then waited in a fantastic kids play area until we went into theatre. The nurses and doctors were great with Rupi and really involved the parent/ caregiver in the whole procedure.

Theatre was hideous. Rupi took one look at the staff and bed and tried to throw himself back out the door. I had to hold him facing me while the mask was held on his face. He screamed and I cried. Eventually after what felt like hours his eyes rolled back and they laid him down out cold. They shuffled me out the door weeping. Awesome. I was shown to the waiting room where all the other weeping mothers were. I admit I hugged more than one of them.

I could hear Rupi come round from the aneasthetic from the waiting room a short while later. The nurses hurriedly invited me in. Once I got him in my arms and he had a popsicle in his hand, things improved. The bellowing stopped for one thing which was a relief for the whole ward.

We were discharged a short while later with a list of instructions. These included not letting go of his hand as we walked to the car as he would still be a little off balance. Clearly Rupi did not take this on board and was off running as we left the ward. So I carried all protesting and wriggling 20kg of him back to the car. Who cares, I figure, people would have seen a lot worse.

The experience was great. Faultless. The nurses and staff and doctors were amazing. Could not get better. But I admit I am used to continuity of care. The same nurse or doctor seeing you all the way through making sure you are happy and ok. Here you are passed from one person to another, seeing different people/ staff all the way through. I felt like a number and to be honest we were a number. The staff had a list of children they needed to get through and we were one of many.

Having said that, we did not pay one cent for our treatment. Not one. So not being treated like royalty is just fine with me. Different but fine. Like I have said before, our public health system is incredible with children.

So thanks whoever! I would like to write to someone and thank them, but who? I am so grateful, thanks New Zealand!!!



PaisleyJade said...

So glad it all went well! I've had each of my girls go through getting put to sleep (one with a tooth removal too and another with grommits) and it's horrible holding the mask on them and weeping! Yay for New Zealand!!

Tea said...

I'm so glad it went well!! :)

Penny said...

You know my stories, love the NZ health system! Thankful it went well for Rupi

jennohara said...

It sounds like it went okay! :) Poor you! I know what its like to be weeping on the other side of the door! Crap.
Glad he was fine at the end tho! hugs!

mountain mama said...

oh...the joys of motherhood! :)

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