Sunday, December 4, 2011

celebrating my tiny girl

This weekend for a night, it was just me and my girl. Life shifted and changed to suit our feminine bent. It was quieter and a bit slower and less intense.

This little girl has me wrapped around her little finger. So much independence wrapped up in a dainty frame, this pint sized person takes on her world without fear. I love her spirit and attitude. Yes, the attitude is surfacing....

On Saturday we went to a Santa Parade near where we live. She loved it. Loved being with her Nana and Aunty and Uncle, reveling in being the only girl. Giving and then withholding hugs and cuddles, she's so funny.

I love this tiny girl!



Elizabeth said...

Blossom and Button sound so similar... every time I read your posts about her, it always reminds me of my wee girl! Independence and attitude all wrapped up in a petite little frame and cute little face!

PaisleyJade said...

Such a sweetie!!

Cat said...

so precious!

Love and Light

ps thanks for the b-day blessing

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