Friday, December 23, 2011

Ho ho ho

Well hello and merry Christmas to you!

I am at last at the end of a week verging on the insane. For the first time my ever supportive husband said 'I am sick of your work". Yikes. The holiday has come just in time.

So anyway.

I am eating carbs (bagel crisps to be exact) with dip and celebrating finishing for the year. There are 30 million loose ends to be tied with work but actually I can't finish them. And if I do I may get divorced so not a hard choice, ha!

Oh and I am now a red head! I had my colours done this week and so changed my hair colour to match my skin/ eyes etc. The hairdresser chose this colour, not sure what I think just yet. Dida likes it which has amazed me. I still shock myself when I see my reflection in a mirror so the jury is out!

Rupi has realised that Santa (or Zanta as he calls him) will bring him presents. He also believes that it's because of Baby Jesus' birthday so we are cool with it. He's into Baby Jesus who gets to be "in the boat" with Rupi along with the entire nativity cast and stable...

I have found time to make some Christmas goodies which makes me feel so much better. My little helper was wonderful...

When not destroying the living area. The energy level has gone up a notch since he turned 3 years old. I did not think that was possible. I was mistaken, ha!

And all the while, little Miss Precious makes me so grateful for Jesus and His break through power and mercy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday baby Jesus!



Nicole said...

The hair colour is great! Very foxy! Have a wonderful Christmas.

weza said...

Great hair, yep i think your hairdresser made a good choice.

Hope you have a magnificent christmas.

Leonie said...

Love the new hair colour Sammy!! Looking good!
Merry Christmas to you and your family and I hope you get a big rest all together.


Lyns said...

Gorgeous as always Sammy The colour sits you. Your kids a gorgeous too! Enjoy Christmas with your family. Love from me xx

Widge said...

love your new hair colour, I used to go red like that when I was in my teens and have been thinking lately of trying it again.
p.s you have used rupi's real name in this post once :O

jennohara said...

your hair looks great!!
merry christmas sammy, to you and all your loves!!

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