Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tradition loving

I love traditions. And the longer they go on the more they mean. They grow richer over time. One of our most special ones is the children getting their own Christmas tree ornament. We did it last year with Rupi & Blossom, and with Rupi the year before that. The year before that I chose an ornament for him as he was only 8 weeks old.

I love that one day they will have their own special Christmas tree and be able to trace their ornaments back through the years. And when they leave home they will take some of their childhood with them, through the ornaments they have chosen.

This year like last year, I chose Blossom's for her. Mainly so I could keep her in my arms and stop her ripping the trees and tearing the bundles of ornaments to shreds. So here is hers... cutsy pie and just like her.

Rupi chose his like he did last year. Although this years is a little more in line with his personality and passion. So, of course, it's a truck....!

So grateful for this Christmas season. Thank you Jesus!



Anonymous said...

We chose ornaments with our kids as well. It's so much fun!

Cat said...


Love and Light

Venessa said...

We buy ornaments each year too. This year is really special with having our first baby home with us. We picked hers this year but cant wait for the time when she will be able to pick them out too!

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