Friday, December 9, 2011

Loving list

LinkWell, hello there. I know I have been neglectful and vacant, so sorry.... So to make up somewhat here's a list of things I am loving right now (joining in with PJ)

♥ I have attended a self protection course. I can now beat the snot of any man who tries to hurt me. Truly. This course is amazing. The guy leading it grabbed me from behind (really grabbed with yelling and swearing) and I had him on the ground with the protective helmet he was wearing ripped off in about 5 seconds. And I am a wimp.

♥ Self diagnosis rocks. I figured my tuberculosis/ endless sounding cough was actually a post natal drip. Right on. It's on the mend which is brilliant. Maybe someday soon Dida will move back into the marital bed because I don't spend most of the night sounding like a barking seal....

♥ I got some green space sewing done. I made Rupi a shepherd's costume for his preschool concert next Monday. Oh, be still my beating heart. I can't wait to see him all dressed up with his little friends.

♥ I looked forward to his preschool year photo so much. It was on a day he doesn't go to school, never mind, I took him in and waited for him.... This is him in the photo. What the heck?

Yes you can see his real name, look away people, look away.

♥ Blossom is so long now. And talking! Way before our little man did, picking up words left right and centre. Told me she was holding onto my "shouder" (shoulder) this morning as I put her pants on. Genius.

♥ Potty delight. Blossom is well on her way just like her big brother. Took her out in undies today- did two wees at the mall. Woop! And when we go to pick her brother up from school she's stays dry all the way there AND all the way back. Love it.

♥ I love summer. The warmth, the bliss, the lack of layers, the ice creams. Love it!



Penny said...

ha ha at the photo. But the kids next to him are not looking much better!
O Rupi will look gorgeous...take photos!

Widge said...

actual cracked up at Rupi's class photo and hub in the background goes "what?"
kids huh.
and way to go Blossom! wow!! wasn't she just like born and already potty training!? woohoo!

Amy said...

Love your list! And huge yay on potty training. My youngest is a few months off yet and I am hanging out for when I can start trying with him.

Anonymous said...

Great work on the potty training! It feels so good to make some progress. I always mean to say too I've passed your blog on to a friend who is walking the IVF journey and has your same values I am sure you are a bright light of encouragment to many xxx be blessed xx

PaisleyJade said...

Such great pics and Blossom is super smart and cute!!

PaisleyJade said...

Cute pics (love the guy with the squinty eyes!!).

mountain mama said...

yay for self defense! you go girl :)

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