Friday, October 1, 2010


Every second Friday I have no "have to's". No nanny and therefore no working, no connect group and sometimes, no friend dates.

Today is such a day (hallelujia! Although I would have liked a date with her but it didn't work out. Next time.)

Because this week has been looong, sick kiddies, financial worries, work and life in general has made it seem like it's gone on forever.

So. Today is about us. I personally would have like to stay in my PJs, watch DVDs and eat chocolate. However none of the above is happening due to a 22 month dynamo. And that's just fine.

But it's wet outside. What an unusual situation for Auckland (HEAVY sarcasm here for the out of towners...!) And its the school holidays so the usual haunts are out of the question. The last time we went to one of our favourite haunts (a giant indoor playground) during a busy time, I was reminded of that book "The Lord of the flies". Anyone with me? Where children are stranded on an island and develop into a savage tribe of psychopaths. Yup, the hordes of children scared me.

So we became mall rats instead this morning. Although I have to add that the very concept that you go to a mall to relax and entertain yourself goes against the grain. However when it came to the choice of staying home within the confines of our house or taking the small tornado out, my beliefs about malls went out the window. Shallow is she!

So we went to the mall. And ate frozen yoghurt and watched Angelina Ballerina who was performing for the children. She's a mouse. Who does ballet. So I learned this morning.
And the small tornado ran and ran and ran. It was good!



Gail said...

Yes, it's definitely monsoon season here.... and I so get the Lord of the Flies thingy. I loved that book.

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