Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keeping it real- part two

Boy, did this blog post create a bit of talk or what? Emails, IRL conversations and comments....seems like it gave people permission to open up and talk. What a God orchestrated thing! Love it.

So here's part two. A bit of what we have been doing and what God has been saying to us.

Reality hit home for me when I had a vivid dream. I would never say that I am a prophet but I do have a prophetic lean. And I know when God talks to me in dreams and visions (sorry if this is wierd for you but this is how our church rolls. Gifts of the Spirit are encouraged and celebrated.) He used a dream about jackals attacking.

Anyhoo, the dream was a warning. We needed to guard against attack. We are vulnurable in this season as all parents of new babies are. You are so jolly tired that all your emotional and physical reserves are gone. Prime target for attack. This dream was such a wake up call. We needed to take stock of where we were and realise that we were under attack. Part of the lack of unity and harmony was a spiritual attack.

So the next day I prayed and spent some time with God. I asked about the dream and looked up all sorts of stuff about jackals and their behaviour. God was pretty clear. Mark out our territory and stand. Decide the boundaries of what is yours. Pretty basic- our marriage is a boundary. It's sacred and will not be infringed upon. So we drew a line in the sand in prayer and hold our marriage up before God. It's our God given territory.

We need to stand and not run. Realise that we are tired and things may appear worse than they are. Understand that sometimes we don't see clearly in this season. It made such sense.

Dida also made some calls. We (our little family unit) come first in this season. And that means saying no to stuff. The weekend I had the dream I really wanted to go to a barbeque at my sisters house. Dida put his foot down and said that we needed to spend time together. I protested but he was right. We spent the day together as a family and had such a good time. We created some awesome memories. It's like in an aeroplane. In an emergency put your own oxygen mask on first and then help others.

So it's good. A good hard season. I feel like we have come through something but I am not getting complacent! Our little family is too important to me.



These Three Kings said...

Amen..I need to have the same dream and perspective. Praise God for your obedience. Its clear you fear the one who can destroy the soul instead of the those who can destroy the body.

More grace to you my sister,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Sammy....good stuff!

FROGGITY! said...

not strange at all!

spiritual gifts are so important, and listening and applying what we learn is vital. may God bless you with protection and wisdom!

thank you for sharing this!

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