Friday, October 29, 2010

A patch

We are through another bad patch with Rupi. Insecurity, wanting to be carried around and held 24/7, crying, whining. Phew.

This time I was ready for it. Without psycho analysing things too much, I have not been surprised at the breadth of his insecurity. Seeing Blossom's security and utter absorption with me has highlighted what Rupi lost. That continuity from the womb to the world was lost with him. There was a break and he had to form new bonds and re-attach with us. And once that attachment was made, something in him holds onto it for all he's worth. He is not prepared to risk another loss and so his separation anxiety has been HUGE. And we have not been prepared to make him separate as all the "experts" have told us to. We have just held him when he wants to be held, loved him when he needed to be held and been all he asked of us.

But there is also a spiritual element to it. As my friend D has said "rejection can start in the womb". So I have been praying some incredible words over him. Anointing him with oil as he sleeps. We have stood in the gap for him while he's too little to stand for himself. As I have a vulnerability with fear he may be dealing with a vulnerability here. We have prayed these amazing Words over him...

"He led me to a place of safety. He rescued me because He delights in me." Psalm 18:19

" are precious to me. You are honoured and I love you." Isaiah 43: 4(b)

And things are better! Here is my little rock star today: happy and singing on his box of nappies a.k.a. his stage!

He is amazing and how I love this little man.



Penny said...

O Rupi is so blessed to have you as his mum.
The eldest sister in my story is very cool by the way.
Love that first photo and the did mean it to be a pun right? Patch, quilt...
Maybe I am reading too much into things :)

Widge said...

those pics are sooooo cute!!

I have been there, and probably will be there again, praying and declaring over (one in particular of my kids) during the night..I believe there is huge power in it. Love the words you have declared.
hope you have a great weekend together xo

tea said...

He is so cute! It's wonderful that you are there to stand in the gap for him, and provide him with the security that he needs. <3

Sammy said...

Pens, no pun intended but I will claim the unintentional cleverness!!!! He would take whatever I was reading off me and go over to his box and pretend to read while peeking at me over the top- delish!!!!

These Three Kings said...

He is just precious! I love the FAITH you have, it shows in your prayers! Have a thankful weekend!

Anonymous said...

so touching
what a blessed little man to have such an amazing mommy and daddy
love that so much!!!

love and light
: )

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