Sunday, October 24, 2010

A love fest

After a week of work madness, unending sickness and night after night of sleep deprivation, we needed a break. So we packed up and headed up north for a day in paradise. It was bliss.

Even the trip was (sort of) exciting as Rupi lost his breakfast in the car, over himself, the seat and poor Panda. Luckily we were within coo-ee of the bach so he rode on my knee for the rest of the way and through the farm, clad only in his undies. Panda got a well deserved bath and spent the rest of the day sunning himself on the lawnmower.

The day was filled with lots of whanau (family) love......

There was auntie love for tiny tots from Auntie H and Auntie G. Auntie G is carrying the newest grandchild/ nephew- woohoo!!!

And boisterous Nana love with the cousins on the trampoline. Luckily Nana is young and sprightly!

There was Dida love, look at that smile AND he is cleaning the vomit car seat at the time!

There was adventure "going to the net with the cousins" love. Sweet memories for Dida and his sister as this was exactly what they used to do as children.

And after that, Rupi love as he "helped" Dida make the fire in the smoker to smoke that days catch.

So much love, our family is so wonderful. And this little face says it all.... so in love with life and adored by everyone!



Penny said...

O wow what a lovely weekend! Glad for you xx

Gail said...

Wonderful - I love these types of love-filled memory making times!

tea said...

Sounds like a great refresher and lovely family time! :)

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh vomit in the car seat....been there!!!!
but my hubby would not be smiling as he gags with all that business..and there is NO WAY this mamma is cleaning up his puke!!!!!
awesome weekend Sammy!

love and light

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