Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A bit of this and that

Randomness to my week:

1.   I have a design blog now *squeal*!!!! I have big plans for this little baby and so am praying lots for many many readers. So different to this space, where I don't care about who reads it (as long as all of you do!)

2.  This little sweetie's body is slowly starting to react to food less. I have pulled out a whole lot of stuff from her diet and she's better. Yay.

3. This is Rupi giving me a performance and singing his heart out. It's hysterical. I am not allowed to sing along, clap or move my body. I have to sit still and watch. And then applaud wildly at the end.

4. And! I am going to serve in the parents room at church! WOOHOO! Its been a long dry spell but now with both kiddies in childrens church, I am free to serve. Can't wait. Gonna bake up a storm and love those sleep deprived new mums.

Have a wonderful week!



Anonymous said...

Love the design blog! So clean and fresh. That spade stool is amazing! Bean likes me to sit absolutely still and watch him perform as well. :) And yay for Blossom not reacting as much! Excellent news!

Lyns said...

Glad your little blossom is feeling better. Love Rupi and the strict requirements from the audience (we get that too!). Am just off to check out your new blog xx

Meghan at MNM's said...

My oh my that is one beautifully designed blog...I hope that was the look you were going for ...LOL! Can't wait to see it develop :-)
Yay for your randomness - I loved it all, especially that Blossom is feeling better xx

Jessica said...

Colt is the same way about singing. He likes to sing loud and proud with hand motions, but when I try to sing along or help with forgotten verses he says "NO, MOMMY!! NO!" and shakes his finger at me. He continues and then I have to clap...if I don't, he'll say "Um, Yay Colt right, mommy?".

Little boys are so funny!

Anonymous said...

the design blog is divine!!!

love your beans....perfect!

love and light

Simoney said...

yay for you sammy; I'm off to check out your design blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Samantha! Just found your lovely blog and I love your work (including the design site).

Rach x

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