Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Close call

A tornado came calling through my neck of the woods yesterday. Yup, you heard right...a AUCKLAND. I mean, hello...

I was sitting at the dining room table and I noticed the torrential downpour of rain had suddenly stopped. Odd. Then I heard what sounded like a "low flying plane" fly over. Except it got louder and louder and this horrific wind started up. The trees were bending nearly horizontal. I ran to the living room window and I saw it. A huge brown swirling pulsing funnel of wind came over the brow of the hill. And passed right by- it was about a couple of houses away.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing and just stood there. Right next to the gaint pane of glass. My thoughts were (not in sequence) "Is this real?/ is that a tornado?/ can't be/ must just be wind/ surely not/ I am standing next to a gaint pane of  glass/ maybe I should move/ would be silly to run from wind/ is that a tornado?/ hope the kids don't wake up/ surely not..."

And then it disappread over the other end of the valley. I texted Dida and said "I think I just saw a tornado" and felt like an egg even writing the word tornado. I mean, tornado???? He freaked out rang me back and said it was all over the news and yes darling, it was real. He came home in a flash and went out to help the neighbours.

The street right next to ours got the brunt of the damage as it was in the direct path of the she-devil cloud. The fire trucks and ambulances were there within minutes. Dida saw whole trees on peoples roofs and houses with roofs missing- lucky he's in roofing and was saving the day.  That's my man! 

We were SO lucky (thank you God) It blew our garden chairs over. That's it. A radio host was saying that he couldn't understand how people could just stand and film the tornado. I do. Your brain does not compute that this is actually real. We are not trained in what to do in a tornado like we are in the event of an aerthquake or tsunami. So you stand and think "is this real" while a part of you is screaming internally.

It gave me a good insight (albeit ever so small) into what those folks in the USA went through. And my heart just goes out to them. Not nice.



Meghan at MNM's said...

Wow. I saw Penny mention on FB that it had past by really close to you but far out after reading this post it has totally brought home how unreal it must have been.

Thank you Lord for your amazing protection over this beautiful family yesterday xx

Simoney said...

I didn't realise it was so close to you that you SAW it!!!
So glad it went past you.
Love heaps.
PS see you tonight for bloggy coffee with G?

mountain mama said...

oh my goodness, so very glad you all are okay! i know all about tornadoes being from oklahoma...not fun at all!!!!

this crazy weather is really something!

God bless~

Lyns said...

Wow - how scary!! I did think of you when I heard about it. Not really knowing where you live, just the general region. Glad you are all ok and that hubby was able to help others out xx

jacksta said...

wow! yay that your guys are okay!

jennohara said...

Wow! So glad it jumped over you guys!! Glad you're safe!

tea said...

Whoa!! I'm so glad you guys are okay!!!♥♥ I hope all of your neighbors are okay too. So great your husband was able to get right out and help. We live in an area that is considered prone to tornados, but thankfully I have never actually seen one in real life.

...And I know what you mean about your mind not understanding something like that is really happening... We had an earthquake a couple of years ago (very rare around here), and I couldn't think clearly enough about what to do until it was pretty much over.

PaisleyJade said...

So glad you are ok! Crazy isn't it - especially in NZ. My friend was actually in her car with her kids and the car got written off! They are all fine - so grateful that they are.

Mon said...

THAT is insane. How scary and weird all at once. Thanks for your post, it was certainly one of the most strange and horrid things to hear/read/watch in the news yesterday.

Widge said...

Crazy! I was txting everyone on my phone from Aucks to make sure they were all good...Simoney hadn't even known about it then haha!
Glad you and yours were safe. talk about freaky.
and yeah i was wondering why people on the news were saying they ran outside??? um wouldn't it be better to stay indoors?? I have no idea what to do in that situation.

grace kay said...

wow i'm so glad you're all safe. i've learnt not to take anything for granted lately, thank God for His grace


Leonie said...

Wow Sammy thats so scary!!! You are SO lucky!
I have been in a tornado in the states before, but was fortunately, safely in an underground shelter before it came through.. it was terrifying and surreal all at the same time.

Gail said...

People actually chase those things too!! So glad you are safe - such a freak thing! I would totally be doing the same thing - standing there with a hundred million different things running through my head!

Loved tonight. Always enjoy our talks. I am seriously interested in hearing your take on the preschool visit. It's the sort of thing I enjoy dwelling on.
LOVED the gift. I will def. treasure it. xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Saw this in the media and was like...whaaaaaat? Tornadoes just don't seem to happen in places like NZ! How scary - and kind of fascinating - that you saw it. And SO glad you are safe and that nothing of yours was damaged!

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