Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dairy downer

So my bunny is one. Yeehaa! And as she approached her first birthday we decided it was time to see if she could handle....d.a.i.r.y.

When we saw the paediatrician at 5 months old, his advice was to give her dairy on and off to "see if she was getting over it". We ignored that piece of idiocy wisdom and gave her system a good rest. And slowly introduced bits here and there as she got nearer to her year mark. And mind you, I am not talking about pure dairy like butter, milk & yoghurt, but milk in stuff like a bit of gingerbread man.

Let me just say she is NOT OVER IT.

We have had weeks of huge vomits, darth-vadar breathing, diarrhoea and the same old lovely symptoms. Puffy eyes and an endlessly running nose made themselves known too. I blew my top (gently) at the doctor at the lack of anything helpful and we are seeing the paediatrician again this week. I will try not to tell him he is an idiot and ask for her to be properly tested. For everything. Blossom is has never tried eggs, nuts, honey or gluten as we have no idea if those are allergens too.

The doctor remarked that her intolerance seems to be quite severe. Really? No way. And that she's probably intolerant of soy and MSG too. Thanks for that additional info this far in. We have removed any type of preservative from her diet and she seems to be better.

I realise that I am frustrated and really sarcastic (apologies) but changing bedclothes and bathing my bunny a couple of times a night as she vomits her heart out, is just awful.

On a happier note, I went to the Gluten Free Food and Allergy show this weekend. It was pure awesomeness! I got a whole lot of food that Blossom can eat and she got to eat her first biscuit. It was yummy too and gluten, egg and dairy free. It was incredible to see her enjoying such a simple pleasure- a vanilla tea biscuit.

This intolerance is pretty minor when you consider what else could have happened and there are far worse cases out there. I know this and am grateful. And I also know that doctors can't be everything and know all that there is. This is MY little girl, that's all, and she's pretty precious to me.



Penny said...

o wow poor Blossom and what a hard week for you!! Missed you today x

Lyns said...

So horrible to see your babe suffering in anyway. Sending you loads of sympathy and understanding. I saw a pediatrician with Bubble and decided to totally ignore him after he contradicted what I knew (beyond a doubt). I knew she was suffering due to a dairy intolerance. So I took her to a holistic doctor. He listened to me!! I felt like super-Mum (so amazing what being believed can do ones self-esteem). I kept Bubble off dairy til she was 3 (almost 4 I think). Now she monitors herself - will eat a little cheese, doesn't like cows milk (unless a fluffie), wants to like yoghurt. Still have no idea if we have made the right decisions, but I believe her body had the break it needed.
Hugs to you and Blossom. Good luck with your appointment this week. xx

Meg said...

I went to it too, it was really great this year. Hopefully you can get some results back from your tests and they'll point you in the right direction... if you haven't found your way there already yourselves. Lovely to meet up last week. I think the keffir is working, but not super bubbly.

Nicole said...

Oh I feel for you guys and poor wee Blossom. I have a cousin who is 2 and allergic to Peanuts, Dairy, Soy, Gluten, Cod, MSG and egg whites. So he does not have a lot of options. It is so difficult for my Aunty and Uncle so I hope you guys get some answers soon.

Mumma2s said...

Sorry to hear that she is not over her Dairy intollerance. My daughter was like that at a young age. If i had anything with dairy or soy in it she would vomit all over her self and me. amazing how much a little one can throw back at you.
So I was off dairy and soy while feeding her. at the age of one I tried to eat a chocolate bar and see how she reacted. and she was fine. she still can't handle lots and gets the runs from too much or a very sore tummy so it is limited. But I have HEAPS of info and useful links if you want any info. I have a great dairy, egg, flour etc free cake recipe if you want it (I LOVED it when i was dairy free). also this website might help
Good luck. I know what you are going through and it is not easy xxx

Elizabeth said...

Oh - poor Blossom and you... Lydia also reacts to dairy, but not as violently as that thankfully. We have kept her off direct dairy (yoghurt, butter, cheese etc), but she seems to handle dairy in things (bread, biscuits etc). Also copes with me eating dairy now, but I was off it for a few months and what a huge difference it made to her then - especially her reflux.

We had some bloods done recently, and this week will get a prick test done also to see if she reacts to anything else... then it's back to the Doctor to decide on a game-plan for her.

He is also of the opinion of your Doctor, keep trying her on little bits and see how she reacts - unfortunately hubby tried her on a little to much on her birthday and she power-chucked over him! Bummer of a birthday for her :-(...

Anonymous said...

What a challenge. Poor wee heart goes out to you. I know what it is like to deal with the constant vomiting - Pudge isn't allergic, but the vomiting was still an issue for us with his health needs. Glad you found her a treat she can enjoy. Big hugs for you!

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