Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well this little bunny is walking now! It's the cutest bow legged stagger you ever saw. She's determined to walk and marches her way around the house in search of exciting things to destroy.

But she's in the middle of another massive allergic attack. The full gamut of symptoms- wheezing, coughing, diarrhoea, puffiness etc etc. Blah. I shouldn't have taken her to church this morning, she was very unhappy and it was awful for all of us. Well, all of us adults and her. Rupi had a great time in children's church! So not a wasted trip at all thinking about it.

The confusing thing is that Blossom's skin prick tests have come back clear for all food allergies (dairy, soy, eggs, gluten and shell fish). From what I can gather from the blood test results, they are clear too.

What the heck????!!!!!

We just don't get it. She is definitely better on dairy free, so we think. So what one earth is she reacting to?

Dida's new train of thought is dust mites. This latest attack came on after he vacuumed yesterday with her in the room. She's normally out when the house gets cleaned. She was fine yesterday morning and then in the afternoon morphed into allergic girl with every symptom under the sun.

I know that there are much worse things that she could have. But it's so hard to watch your little girl in distress. Blah. We are back to the doctor this week for some advice and hopefully some answers.

Trying not to be blah over this. I am praying & believing for healing. Our God is the God of mercy and by Jesus' stripes we are healed. Claiming that!



Meg said...

Oh Sammy how incredibly frustrating! Those tests don't show intolerances and perhaps that's what she has? Did they do the skin prick for dust mites? My husband is allergic to dust mites and it's really common. We have to have special bedding and limited carpet rugs. If you need any the asthma society is a great help.

The allergy NZ facebook group is a good place to get ideas and "chat" with others in similar situations.

Hoping for answers for you soon.

Penny said...

O stink sorry to hear! Thought you looked a little strained this morning. Prayers xxx

Gail said...

Hey Hon, that is stinky marinki! I was going to ask the same question as Meg. My Olivia had the prick tests too - food and dustmite and her allergy was to dustmites. Hope that you get answers soon. Pray that relief will come! xx

jacksta said...

poor wee poppet :(
Yes Healing in Jesus name!

Elizabeth said...

Poor wee girl... hope she starts to improve again soon (and you find some answers as well) :-(.

jennohara said...

Oh frusterating!!! I hope you find the answer! Sweet sweet girl.

tea said...

Aww, I'm sorry she's not feeling well again. :( Praying for God's help for her. ♥

Lyns said...

Hi Sammy
My bubble showed only a very slight reaction to dairy and I was kind of made to feel like a stupid Mum by the paediatrician!
I cut dairy anyway and she improved no end (hers was more a sensitivity I guess).
I got a hair strand test done on me (May have mentioned this to you) and it showed dairy and sodium nitrate and nitrite. The hair strand test is not scientific in the eyes of conventional doctors but my gosh it has made such a difference to me. And after having to eat dairy over the last few days I feel terrible again.
If you want more info let me know.
And take care gorgeous Blossom, hope you're feeling better soon xx

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