Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ethical Dilemma

How do we choose fertility treatment and a course of action as Christians? Afterall everyone seems to have an opinion on how far to go with treatment and what is ''ok" by God.

I remember sitting in a meeting and a speaker that I respect incredibly, said to the audience that IVF was unnatural and not part of God's plan. Sitting in that room was me, going through IVF treatment at that time, another girl who was pregnant with an IVF baby and a third girl with an IVF baby on her knee. Plus this speaker had popped her babies out in record time with no problems.

We are all entitled to our opinion and some prominent leaders are quite vocal about their opinion in this area. I think though, until you have walked a mile in our shoes, you have no idea what it's like and to shut off hope for someone is a big call.

In my humble opinion, how far is too far is between you and God. We have to stand in front of God one day and give an account for our lives. That's pretty scary and so we pray and seek God for ages before pursuing any treatment.

I thank God for an amazing couple in our church who paved the way with IVF. They sought God and asked the hard questions and so it was easier for us. Not that we just piggy backed off their decision but we know that they hear from God and IVF was ok for them.

Now it's us at the end of the IVF road looking at other treatment. We really need to fast and pray and seek God as we may be ground breakers if we continue forward. So how far is too far for us? Only God can tell us.


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