Sunday, April 13, 2008

True worship

How many times have we wept as we stood in church and worshiped God? That bottle that God says He has in heaven with my tears in it is the jumbo 3 litre version! The poor worship team looking down at me from the stage for the 1oooth time, weeping as I sing....not very joyful!
But I realised something. This journey builds deep things into us, it carves depth into our beings. Before we started this process, my faith, my soul and my being were shallower. Not bad, just shallower. Not shallow in a bad sense but untried and untested.
I remember one morning in church understanding that the recent battle I had fought had resulted in depth being carved painfully into my soul. And realising that I was worshiping God from that depth, from the bottom of what had been carved into my soul. The place I was worshiping from was beautiful as it was deeper and more real. What I had walked through had enabled me to give God more of me and worship Him from a place that was inaccessable before.
When we worship God in the middle of a trial it's truly a sacrifice of praise. It costs us something to lift Him up in our circumstance. To go beyond how we are feeling and allow ourselves to worship Him from the bottom of the place that hurts. That is true worship.


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