Sunday, April 27, 2008

Great things

I love looking at the life of Moses. He is so real. An ordinary person called by God to do great things. He had incredible authority and God used Him to lead a whole nation not much smaller than New Zealand.
I bet he was like us, wanting to do great things for God and asked God to be used by Him. Like us, he probably never realised what "doing great things for God" meant! It's tempting to look at Moses' life and think that he had it easy. That it wasn't hard for him, I mean he's Moses!
But the things that God calls us to do are seldom easy. They mean hard work, tears and pain. Yes, they are amazing and mean that we live lives that are truly used by God, but they are plain hard!
Moses saw God face to face. He was a main of faith and a friend of God. Incredible. But imagine Moses after meeting God and hearing what he was to do, walking back to Egypt. With a donkey or a camel, with his wife (who had NOT heard from God herself..!) along those long and dusty roads. Day after day they would have walked all the way back to the place of Moses' failure, Egypt. No smart soldiers or chariots, no rich houses to stay in along the way, they would have camped at the side of the road. Then when they reached Egypt, Moses would have had to walk, dirty, dusty and tired, into the incredible majesty of Pharoah's court- alone. And then stand before a "god" sitting on his throne and make an unbelievable demand to let the people
Easy????? I don't think so! Probably harder than anything I will face.


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