Monday, January 26, 2009

Cardigans and such like

Remember when your Mom, Auntie, Gran (any female grown up) had a habit that you thought was just mad? For instance, my Mom smacks her hands on the steering wheel when turning a tight corner. She lifts her hands and then thuds them down so it's kinda musical, when she's turning. Smack...smack, smack, smack...smack. As a teenager it drove me crazy, now it's just cute and funny.

Well, I fear I have developed a grown up nutter habit. I cannot leave the house without a cardi or hoodie or other warmish type cover up, IN CASE, the weather suddenly turns foul. In NZ we are on an island so the weather is unpredictable which makes this habit somewhat reasonable but not right now. Not in the middle of summer, with hot hot weather and scorching days.

But I can't leave the house without one. Lurking in the back of my mind is what if I get cold????!!??? The fact that I am popping out to nip into the supermarket for milk and going from one artificial environment to another does not count. I mean, a cold nasty wind might get me in the parking the 10 seconds it takes to walk from the car to the mall.....

Now that I don't have a hand bag any more, Rupi is forced to share his nappy bag with my cover up garment. Sometimes I have even made my son sacrifice a little blankie for my obsession. Justifying the callous decision with the thought that should cold weather strike, Rupi could have my cardi. But would I share it??????? I would like to think so, but cannot be sure.

So knowing I am slightly deranged in this area and then still doing it, worries me. And the most worrying thing of all is that I have turned into my mother, with a habit that is illogical but without the willpower to break it.


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Rebecca said...

Haha funny!No cardy needed here at the mo...sooo HOT!

Janna said...


I have a 3/4 lengh sleeve cardigan that I take everywhere with me. I don't like feeling nippy either!

penny said...

Ha ha I know exactly what you're talking about with Mom turning corners and the smacking noise she makes! Soooo funny that you noticed could you not I guess. We all have our quirks though. I chose not to disclose mine he he

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