Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rupi's room

My hubbie worked for our fantastic church for about 5 years and wore many hats (as you do when you work for church!) One of his projects was to create a Parents Room upstairs behind the balcony in the theatre. This was so very hard to do and the room was soaked with his tears as he created a warm and beautiful environment for Mums, Dads and babies.

As he painted the walls he made a faith statement. At that time we were so far from our dream and life hurt all the time. So he decided to write the names of our children in the room believing that one day I would sit in that room with them. He wrote their names on the undercoat of the wall in huge letters. He also wrote their names on a little panel that hides a gap in the wall. The names on the wall were obviously painted over but the names behind the little panel are still there.

Today I sat in that room with Rupi. The sermon was so poignant and was on Faith. I had tears in my eyes as I sat with Rupi knowing that the room was prepared in love for him. That almost more than any other child at church, he belongs in that room. And I thought, who am I not to believe for the others? Who am I to believe that this IVF cycle will be like all the others? The faith I have has been birthed from the place of tears and sorrow and today I celebrated in my heart as I looked at the first fruits of that faith.

Who am I not to believe?

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Simoney said...

wow sammy, that gave me the chills! I am still all fuzzy! I love the names too!

GB said...

Hi Sam - found you through Simone's blog.... this is a beautiful post- thank you for sharing it. I also loved Sunday's sermon, it touched me deep to the core ..... and I have faith to believe for you and Michael too .... you make a truly beautiful family.
Blessings and love,

Rebecca said...

Of my goodness moving!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made me all goosey! I was so SO excited for you guys when i heard you had a baby! CONGRATS!!! All the best, so glad to find your blog too through Simones!

penny said...

Wow what a faith statement that was for you and Michael! So happy for you. Love the photo! And loooove my cute nephew xx

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