Friday, January 30, 2009

Road Trip!

Been away for a few days (to the town Rupi was born in) with a good friend to visit her Nana. Her Nana and Poppa were so good to me the week I was away with Rupi before all the papers were signed. It was a week when hell threw everything it had against us and God totally came through. He used incredible people like Nana and Poppa to surround me with love and provide a place of sanctuary.

Anyway, Poppa died in December and so we went down to spend time with Nana, who just LOVES Reuben. While I was there I caught up with the birth families and while it was good, open adoption is hard. While I attach to this little man with everything I have, I am sharing and trying to keep my heart open. It's not bad at all, just hard.

So I was doing the usual complain to God. You know, "the why me, life is sooo hard, haven't I been through enough" spiel. God gently reminded me that I have been made through this journey. I am who I am because of the journey not in spite if it. And again very gently reminded me that he has built strength in me for this time. I am building strength upon strength and going from one level of strength to another in Him. Very encouraging.....again!

Today reading all my fav blogs I came across my friend Rebecca's post on almost the SAME thing! Amazing that God talks about the same thing to different (but connected) people at the same time.

She says
From the song 'What More Can I Say':
" I THANK-YOU, for what you've done in me"
It often brings a smile and tear at the same time. Touched and thankful. I know through all the ups and downs God is doing something in me.
Chris Hill preached on Sunday morning: "God will use the situation to make you who you're supposed to be. Mess makes a message, tests a testimony"
Track 12. 'Defined by your love':
"I find you here, in the stillness of your love
As you sing over me, I'm defined by your love"

For me, being defined by His Love means I am who I am because of my life journey, His love for me through rough and good times. Thanks Becs!

Here is a picture of our road trip. We are both infant potty training (elimination control to be correct) and have little portable pop-up pottys. Here is my friend's darling little girl on hers and Rupi on his between the seats. So cute!

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