Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prayer, the justice system and Man-brunch

Firstly and uber importantly, please pray for my lovely egg donor. She has been hit by a series of bugs and viruses and is sick (again). She has asked for prayer as she thinks this may be a spiritual attack and as she is very grounded and not prone to flights of fancy, this is the real deal.

Please pray for her health and protection for her and her family. Thank you so very much.

We had a visit from our social worker yesterday. Thank God she is just lovely and does not reflect the general experience we have had with CYFs (Child Youth and Family government agency) She needed to see Rupi with my hubbie and make sure they were bonded. She had been satisfied with Rupi and my attachment at the last visit but my hubbie was at work that time. Rupi had not seen Michael since we got back from the road trip and when Michael got him up out of bed there was smiling and laughing and cooing and general delight at seeing Daddy.... he may just be attached!

The social worker will now submit a report to the courts and we will be summoned for a court date where the judge will (hopefully) grant us an interim Adoption Order. The social worker says that he will. As consent was signed by both the birth father and birth mother and we will get a favourable report from the social worker( she said we will- yay!), there's no reason why we won't get the interim Adoption Order.

After the hearing it will be 12 months until we get the final Adoption Order and we'll need to go back to court and have another report done by CYFs. This is a lot longer than we thought but we cannot do anything to speed it up. The only thing that can stop this from happening is a negative report from CYFs. They will come back every 3 months to check on Rupi and see how we are doing. I do feel though (despite our horrendous experience with them) that they do really want this to work and I think if we were struggling to connect with Rupi or anything, they would help. So it's turning from a negative perception to a more positive one in my head anyway!

Lastly, this post from Boomama is the bomb. It says everything I feel about my friends (and is very funny!). I love my friends SO much. So very much.

And absolutely lastly, my hubbie is VERY glad to see Rupi and myself after an absence of 3 days. He made a celebration dinner last night and then a celebration "man-brunch" today. Here is a picture. You will note that none of the dishes really go with one another... salmon, bacon, spicy fruit muffins and.....nuts! However it was lovely and delicious, provided you did not mix any of the food items together.

I give you...Man-Brunch!

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Penny said...

The Man Brunch looks yummy! What a great husband you have

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