Saturday, March 7, 2009

Let's get this circus on the road!

Well, Day 1 is here folks! I start the pill (still find that HILARIOUS even after 3 IVF cycles!!) tomorrow and then wait for my donor to get her red friend and get on the pill band wagon with me.

I think that we'll both be on the pill for at least a week and then stop, get another red friend and then start the drugs.

We will both be on Gonal-F which basically stops all your body's hormones in it's tracks. Think menopause... Then my donor will start an artificial controlled cycle with more drugs on top of the Gonal-F. We both have to stay on the Gonal-F to stop our bodies kicking in and doing what they do naturally i.e. controlling ovulation, number of eggs, when everything happens etc.

As I react to "wonderfully" to drugs I feel like poos on Gonal-F with nausea, hot flushes to name a few side effects. However maybe as I am at home and not at work pretending everything is normal, it will be better?

Anyway, let's not go there because I have a minor miracle to report! I only have to have 3 BLOOD TESTS throughout the whole thing!!!! I have a phobia about blood tests as I have had so many and the one arm is too scarred to give blood blah blah anyway! I only have to have 3 and the third one is the pregnancy test. When I heard I ran circles around the living room!
Small things but He remembers the details. This may be a circus but He's the ringmaster!

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Simoney said...

Sammy, will be thinking of you! If things get rough and you need some company or distractions, I am always here... xx

Penny said...

Anything you know the rest x

GB said...

Got you in my prayers!!!!!

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