Monday, March 23, 2009

Date with a judge

We go to court tomorrow to get an interim adoption order. Then we get a permanent adoption order after that. I explain here.

Our lawyer said that sometimes (please God!) the judge grants a permanent adoption order then and there.... or the wait between the interim and permanent orders could also be made less than 12 months! Now that would be awesome! So please pray at 10am tomorrow morning for us!!

I was trying to explain to a friend what having the permanent order would do to our hearts and made a total hash of it! It would do something to our hearts, that utter certainty. I don't mean that I worry now that Rupi will be taken from us (he can't be) or that we are not utterly attached (we are), but that final order would seal something inside us all.

Besides all the adoption bumpf (why do one thing when you can adopt, do an egg donor IVF cycle and start a little business all at the same time!) we are waiting for the lab at the clinic to confirm our dates. It may be the week after Easter that we start the drugs/ injections and then I guess 4 to 5 weeks after that to a pregnancy test.

We have two back to back conferences over Easter so I would be happy not to have injections over that time. They have to be given at a very specific time and as I can't give them to myself (I am starting to sweat at the thought) and my hubbie is serving, this would be.... well, difficult. If you are new welcome to my needle phobia.... Because there is no way I could make myself get over it and do them to myself. I have tried, I promise but I can't even look.

So. After Easter would be better. Meantime I feel like I am a bloated puffer fish (gained 2.5kg from the pill thanks so much)...

However, this always makes me feel oh so good

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Janna said...

I'm praying for you tomorrow! I love the picture of you with your son! So precious.

I'm also praying about your fear of the injections. We have looked into having a surrogate and I freaked out at the thought of the injections myself. But I know it will all be worth it in the end:)

Sammy said...

Thanks Janna, you are so encouraging. Yes, I really just have to "get over it" and I think the thought of them is worse than the actual deed!

GB said...

You are such a multi-tasker!
Praying for the 10am!!!
What a gorgeous photo too - that 2.5kgs must be in your big toe!

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