Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our God day

Today was another of those days. A day that held more emotion than I thought was possible.

Today Rupi was dedicated. We stood before our church family as new parents and promised to bring Rupi up to know Him. I really didn't want to do this as baby dedications have only meant pain to me in the past but my hubbie wanted to. His train of thought is that our victory is a victory for the church family (which of course it is) and would encourage those waiting for their miracle.

So we said yes and and invited family to come and be with us. As we stood in worship an entire train of emotion hit me and I just cried. I didn't think it would this big for me. But I was standing with my baby waiting to dedicate him. Me. So called "severely infertile" girl.

We had friends and family clustered around us (our unsaved family came!) and Rupi got awesome prophesy about stuff I have been praying over him. He was so good and was such a cutie!

We asked one the pastors that we love to dedicate Rupi. This pastor is an adoptive Dad and so he gets it. What I love about the way he did the dedication is he didn't go into our journey or how we came to be parents. Because today was not about Rupi being adopted or the adoption story but simply about us as parents and Rupi as our son.

I wept the WHOLE way through. In front of 600 people. Don't care. I was overcome at God's faithfulness and goodness to us.


Finally we stood in the place that represented such pain to us and it was redeemed.

Thank you Jesus.

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Amy said...

Hi Sam - your blog lives in that beauty-filled realm of the bittersweet. I was delighted to read it and catch a glimpse of your story, authentic and very poignant. Today's dedication was very touching and I was struck by the way God uses our experiences for His purpose. For the purposes He has for Reuben's life, He needed you on this journey with your open arms and hearts. What an amazing God and what an incredible couple you guys must be. Love from Amy (the Elusive Walker;)

GB said...

Hey Sammy,
It was truly beautiful.

Tanner's said...

What an amazing day- I look at that and believe that one day I will be doing the same thing- thanks for sharing, I am so excited for you and your GROWING family!

Jessica said...

We had Colt's dedication at church just 2 weeks ago. I couldn't believe I was up there, in front of everyone, with my SON! I had watched so many of my friends up there, being blessed by love and prayers from the congregation and longed to do the same thing. It was one more step to me feeling like a complete family.

Our preacher that prayed over us had adopted his son as well 20 years ago. He didn't make mention of our struggle, just simply prayed for us as we raised Colt in a Christian home and taught him about God. He did mention that "because of the unique way they have become a family, this blessing feels extra special".

And it was extra special. It's amazing what these little boys can do to us, isn't it? All that waiting and hurting...I would do it again to have the chance to raise not just a baby but to raise COLT.

Reuben is so blessed to have you as parents. What a beautiful day for you!

Jodi said...

Sammy, what a beautiful post. God is great!

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