Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweet Pea and her God

We have an open adoption which is great. Well, it's tough a lot but will be great for Rupi one day. One part of it that is never tough is our relationship with the birthmum. She is an incredible young woman with strength and courage beyond her years.

My nickname for her (if I love you, you have a nickname!) is Sweet Pea. When I was growing up my Mom grew sweet peas. They are beautiful, wholesome and smell amazing. Just like my real life Sweet Pea!

Anyway, she has been on my mind quite a bit as she faces this year, getting back into school and learning a new normal. I wanted to do something more than texts and emails. I thought a card and little gift might be nice and so I sent one down to her via a mutual acquaintance. The idea was that Sweet Pea would be given the card/ gift at a time that would be completely unexpected.

So I get a text from her later that day and it blew me away. The day she got the card/gift was the exact anniversary of the day 12 months before that she found out she was pregnant.

God loves her so much. He cares about the details! He redeemed a day that was filled with fear and terror. 12 months later to the day she is reminded that we love her. Not because she carried and birthed Rupi, but because she is who she is. Our Sweet Pea.

He cares about the details of our lives and continues to amaze me with His Love for us all.

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GB said...

wow, that is so great! I love sweet peas too. My dad used to grow them and I remember marveling at how delicate the flowers were, yet their scent so strong.

Penny said...

Wow you are so thoughtful and caring. God is amazing in the ways he uses us to encourage others

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