Monday, March 30, 2009

We have dates!

Woohoo the clinic called and we have dates. Was surprised at how different this is to a "normal" IVF cycle.

Basically getting a fertile girl to produce good eggs is a very different thing to getting someone like me to produce anything. So I am very relieved to say that my donor's cycle will be a lot less intense and a lot easier than mine were. Although for her of course it will be huge as this is the first time she has done anything like this.

She will be on injections for less than 2 weeks and I am so pleased to say that she won't be on Buserelin at all (the drug that squashes all your own body's hormones and puts you into a fake menopause- I hate this drug....!)

We also start drugs at different times, again not what I was expecting. I start my friend Buserelin next Monday 6th April. Yup, the week of our two conferences....yippeeeeeeeeee doodah. But! I only have one injection in the morning with a high dose instead of one in the morning and one at night. This means that there will be no problem working around a night injection at the conferences! Great! And particularly for my special friends who were going to have to take turns doing the night injections!!!!

My beautiful donor starts her drugs on the 15th April and egg collection is sometime in the week of the 27th April.

And... I did the bloods this morning!!

My incredible Mom came along with me to look after the little man (and hold her daughter's hand to be honest!) and it was so good to have her there. We had the best time complete with coffee and muffins and talking. I love my Mom!

Also bumped into someone I have known for ages waiting to have the bloods done. This beautiful God-girl is on a similar journey and it was so very nice to re-connect.

Just in such a good place in all of this. The heart surgery my God has done on me lately has been wonderful and it is such freedom to know that He is searching my heart and making it clean and pure.

And just for a giggle, this is how the smallest man in the house likes to sleep!

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Gail said...

Praying for you Sam! You are so courageous!
Love that photo. Too cute!

Simoney said...

Wow, Sammy. I am once again getting those chills, reading what you are writing. I am so proud of you sharing this journey with us, and grateful to be allowed to share it with you. I am holding out for Jesse and Cate with you. Luv you so much, and hey, we get to do taupo together this year!?? xx

Penny said...

You are the bravest person I know! Praying lots and love you lots

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