Friday, March 20, 2009

That girl

One of my closest friends came over yesterday and we just chilled together for hours. The conversation ebbed and flowed with ease. We talked of inconsequential nothings and the deep things of God.

We are both facing giants- her redundancy and my infertility but what struck me was the thread of joy that wound itself in and around our conversation. God has been so good to us both. He has blessed us immeasurably.

She has a prince of a man who adores her. This is new and holds the promise of forever. And I have Rupi , the little man who is the apple of my eye. So through the conversations reflecting our pain and challenges there was hope and tenderness and God's blessing.

We prayed over each other and she spoke words over Rupi that went deep into my heart where I will carry them for him until he can understand their significance. I loved every moment of yesterday.

That girl is a queen. I love that girl- a whole lot.

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Janna said...

How sweet your friendship is! Its so nice to be able to spend time with someone who maybe in a different place in there life but still relates to you so easily.

Its such a blessing to have great friends!

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