Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cornered and loving it

A girl cornered me in the parent's room on Sunday.

"So Sammy, who's connect group (life group/ homegroup etc) do you go to?"

Me "Errrr... (cough cough)"

Our church is BIG and so connect groups are the villages within the city. I know this. And I lead a connect group so I need to be plugged in myself. I know this. But when the one I went to disbanded in December I just sort of floated around. And to be fair, I HAVE had a baby inbetween. And... (AND) I did try to find one near where I live and even tried (with no success) to convince someone I admire to start one near me..... Can you hear the justification, haha!

Anyhoo... it was well time to be challenged and the girl who asked the question will never shrink back from a good old challenge. Love it as we need to be unafraid to ask the questions.

After some chatting about where I could go I discovered that GAIL and SIMONEY go to a connect group together and it's at Simoney's house and I love them both and I could easily get to Simoney's house and I know the way there well and I was SO EXCITED!!!!! I know that I am making a lot of you jealous at the fact that I get to go to connect group with the two of them...(sorry!) Does it make anyone feel better if I say how grateful I am? VERY VERY GRATEFUL!!!!!! And excited. But I may have mentioned that.

So I went along last night and loved it. LOVED IT! Gail shared and my gosh, it was good. She is wise and so real. And the other girls weren't so bad themselves. Simoney was sick and may have infected the room, but it was her house and so she had the right.

YAY! Slightly excited.


P.S. Sorry about the excessive use of capitals in this post...!


Simoney said...

Ahhh sorry if I infected the room! I saw your horror when you hugged me/pecked my cheek and then REALISED tjhat I am the lurgy-carrier!!!
Hope you didn't catch it, really.
It was so great having you there. You fit right in!

Gail said...

Awwww. Thanks Sammy. I'm always slightly hesitant about sharing just because I know it's a real word for me... but what about everyone else! - and then, oh well, too bad everyone else (in the same thought line!!)

Loved having you there last night!! It is a great group, challenging, often I find myself crying or out of my comfort zone. Margs is so onto it with heart issues... and she is such a prayer/prophetic woman. It's awesome!xx

Maranga Mai said...

I love Connection - it is good to (read) see!! I have often thought about starting a CG but am worried I would lay myself bare too much and especially that maybe a revelation for me is not a revelation for anyone else... or that maybe I am an immature Christian and I just don't know it (how do you know these things? I just trust God that I am not, ha.) I'm glad you have found a home!

Anonymous said...

yup... jealous...but in a healthy happy for you kind of way!!!

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