Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nanny news

Well I am so pleased to say that Rupi has accepted the nanny. That short sentence does not nearly convey the depths of my heartfelt gratitude. This episode drove me to my knees, KNEES! As per usual, God came through, He rocks!

Rupi greets the nanny each morning at the door with a babbling monologue and then takes her hand and leads her off somewhere. I am overcome with thankfulness at this point every day.

He's now ok with me leaving (PRAISE GOD!) and says bye and waves to me. I no longer drive away with the mommy-guilt-knife sticking into my chest. I no longer stop up the road and cry as the picture of him screaming for me as I leave is all I can see. Today I left happy and wondered what this new strange feeling was. Oh yes, happiness, there you are! Welcome back. I went off to my meeting relaxed and chilled, secure in the knowledge that my small boy was happy.

I think it has been quite an adjustment for the little man. He wakes up from his midday nap and is generally a bit fragile. He wants to be picked up for cuddles- every single day. We sit on a big comfy chair and he curls himself up onto me and we hug. I whisper secrets into his ear and he listens. Then when he's feeling ok he gets up and we get some kind of treat. Usually a frozen fruit treat- a Fruit Squitz. Food always rounds a cuddle session off well!

Here is my slightly sleepy, well cuddled, tousle haired small boy after a nap with his treat....awwwww.....

P.S. And Blossom? She is just fine.



Simoney said...

YAY! Great News Sammy. :)

Anonymous said...

YAY, I'm so happy for you!!!!!

tea said...

Aww, I'm so glad! I loved the mommy moment you shared.. the cuddles, the secrets, the treat.. so great! God is so good!

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