Friday, August 20, 2010


*UPDATED* Thank you so much for the comments. I can't tell you how much they mean to me. And yes, the hubbie has said not to send the email and to shrug the comment off. My wise man.


This is a cutie I designed earlier in the year.

Today I was in the neighbourhood and popped in to say hi to the owners. As I was leaving the owner said to me 'You really should be home with your baby". She may as well have hit me over the head with a baseball bat. I managed to smile and walk out to my meeting.

This is the email I have written to her. It's one I will run past my hubbie before sending tonight and may never be sent. In fact probably won't be. Oh well.

Dear V

It was lovely to see you today and I am so glad that the shop is flourishing. I just wanted to respond to the comment you made when I was leaving.

The comment was that I really should be home with my baby. I am acutely aware that my little girl is only 13 weeks old. I don't want to work right now but financially we have no option. I would love to have at least the rest of the year off but I will lose the clients I have, who have already waited 3 months for me.

It's true that I love what I do and dealing with people like you, N and D, but this is not the reality I choose right now. Even though I don't choose it I can choose to smile and have a good attitude about it. So while it may seem like I don't mind being away from my little girl, I do.

I work part time from home and have a nanny for 4 mornings a week. This is the best I can do right now. I agree that I should be home with my baby. I just can't.

Kind Rgds


Trying not to feel stinky as it's pointless. I love the life God has chosen for me. Wish I could shrug off people's comments. Poos.



Amy said...

Ouch. Motherhood bruises easily.

Widge said...

Total poos. Some people just don't THINK whatsoever before opening their mouth at all do they!
You are doing what is best for your family and that's all that matters. Send it if it makes you feel better. It's in no way offensive and is shedding light on the fact her comment stung and hopefully she can apologise when she thinks about how insensitive a remark like that is to a loving mum.

tea said...

Aww, I'm sorry Sammy. It's hard enough without people saying things like that.

You are a great designer!! ..And mom. You're doing what's best for your family. Blossom and Reuben are two very blessed kids. Words can leave such a sting, praying that God will take that sting away.

Simoney said...

Poos indeed. Sorry that she judged you unfairly. A perfectly reasonable email in my opinion.
I think you expressed yourself very well and if you DO send it I am sure she will be replying straight away with 1000 humble apologies.

Anonymous said...

As with everything in Motherhood, everyone will have their opinion about how YOU should be doing it. You have to do what's right for you. You know what God has for you and that's all that matters. You are an AMAZING Mamma and your kids LOVE you! That's all that matters!

Anonymous said...

yup, with your hubby on this one
people say weird things....sometimes you just have to let it roll off
you won her no explanation for your life choices
because you's yours ; )
you can hold your head high in that!

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