Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My clever boy!

{Disclaimer: this post mentions lots of wees and poos!}

I am so proud of my little man! At 21 months old he is 99.999% potty trained while he is awake! I haven't tried to get him through a nap yet, that's the next step. He now wears "big boy undies" all the time when he is awake. He goes out in them too and he's learned to use toilets other than the one at home with the use of his portable baby toilet seat.

Have I mentioned how proud I am????

This is such a big thing for us as we have been doing a method of toilet training called "Elimination control" since he was about 8 weeks old. The basis of this method is that babies naturally have a rhythm/ timing for wees and poos. If you figure out when they go you pop them on a little potty and they learn that this is where they go. They develop control really early. Rupi could hold onto poos from about 8 months old and wees from 14 months.

{Rupi at 10 weeks}

This is the book we read. The theory is that we train them to go in nappies in our western culture and its true that in Africa/ Asia etc they don't have babies in nappies. We did the part time option as the true elimination control means NO nappies at all. I was not brave enough for that and I think you would need to be at home a lot. I don't think I could have worked at all.

{Rupi at 6 months}

I remember my friend's brother being potty trained by the time he was 11 months and according to my Mom, kids were potty trained far earlier when we were little. The opinion going round is that disposable nappy companies have helped to push the age we potty train up and up- more profit I guess.

Anyway, the breakthrough for us was when Rupi started holding on for wees at 14 months. Then it was just me being brave enough to start getting him in the big boy undies!

The undies we used are made by my friend M. They are super! They look and feel like real undies, thin and super cute. BUT they have a waterproof lining that holds a wee. You need to change them once they are wet but they hold moisture long enough for you to get them to a toilet and change them.

{Rupi at 13 months}

My friends and family have thought we are off our rockers for most of the time and I won't lie, it's a lot of work. But so worth it when I look at him now!

{Big boy undies- 15 months}



Simoney said...

Clever clogs Reuben! Well done Mummy! Gorgeous photos too.
He is so cute.

tea said...

I've heard that other countries train children from very early on. It's great that this worked for you guys. My stubborn boy is a piece of work, I'll tell ya. It started off so well and then came to a crashing hault. :( Your little man looks cute in those big boy undies! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!!! I have heard that if you start really young you can get them trained sooner, just didn't know that until a few months ago :) He is adorable!

Penny said...

You deserve this after all your hard work! Well done x

Widge said...

good on you!! I went disposables all the way and my first 2 kids weren't trained till as late as 3. The girls were around 2 but my youngest almost 4 is still in nappies at night. *sigh*

Angela Noelle of SK said...

I am so impressed right now. Go you. Also....love back-reading your posts and journey summary (at left) too. Your sister pointed me in your direction when she read a comment on my blog relating to me buying a toy 7 years ago for a baby...and she's finally playing with it! Anyway, such a lovely read. It's incredible what you've been through, you trooper!

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