Friday, August 27, 2010

Love tank loaded!

My love language is gifts (read this if you have no idea what I am nattering on about...) I struggled with feeling shallow for years that I love giving and receiving gifts but frankly, it's how I roll. Which begs the question of how I made it so long without doing a giveaway??? Will have to be a regular thing from now on I think. Make sure you enter to win!


Today I got two parcels of goodness. Two! And both utterly unexpected.

First up was a courier parcel all the way from South Africa. Woohoo! My Dad's sister still lives there and I love her to pieces. I send her presents and she sends me presents. This month is HER birthday so the only present should be for her but she has reciprocated. I am lovingly frustrated as I wanted to make August all about her, but sending me parcels is how she rolls...

Here's the stash, I know it's all lovingly selected. Man, I miss her.

And! My hubbie came home with gifts for all of us. Admittedly I have been a bit grumpy over the last two days and he thought it was time to add to the love tank.....!

He got a cute raincoat for Rupi, shoes (awww!) for Blossom and Lady Antebellum CD for me. Now I must be the only human on the face of the earth who has not heard of them. In my defense Rupi is very strict (i.e. throws a tantie if we do not listen to his choice- it's about him and the guitar!) about the music we listen to. And it's quite limited: Mainly Music, the Wiggles and Equippers DVD- so he can watch Zac on the guitar. Limited, I tell you. Anyway, this band is incredible!

Love tank? Filled.



Maranga Mai said...

Love it!

You always write with a lift (even the stuff that has made me cry)

You're fabulous.

Anonymous said...


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