Friday, November 19, 2010

6 months

My little petal is 6 months old today.

My, my. It's fair to say that I cannot imagine life without her. Before she arrived I wondered how I would love another child as much as I love Rupi but I didn't need to worry. I do. It's like an extra part of my heart grew and each of my children is loved beyond measure in completely different ways.

This little girl is a delight. She has such a ready smile and when she catches sight of me, she beams. It makes my heart melt.

She is all girl! She holds her hands in a truly feminine way and has a delicate way about her. Her voice is a much higher pitch to Rupi's I think it could shatter crystal on a good day...!

She's tall and lean but manages to combine all this with rolls everywhere. Arms and legs are my favourite! I love to smoosh her neck and this makes her giggle everytime.

I am so grateful that this little person is part of our family. It feels so right and I am utterly besotted with her.

Happy 6 months birthday Blossom!!



tea said...

She is adorable, Sammy! This post made me smile a lot. <3

MNM's said...

Hi I'm new here :-). And I can't believe I haven't found you before???

I just have to say what a beautiful family you have. And I have been absolutely captivated by your story and have sat here reading post after post after post (when I really should be working...oops).

Man God is good!! Your faith is amazing. I want to read more (and will!), and I look forward to being a regular reader of your journey :-)


Anonymous said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! What a precious wee lady.

Nikkey said...

What beautiful photos of your little girl she has the most angelic smile - you are truly blessed but then so is she - happy 6 months blossom : )

Anonymous said...

So adorable! I totally thought the same thing about being able to love 2 kids the same and it's just so natural!

Thank you for your sweet, sweet comment on my blog today!

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