Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gotta love it

Here is Blossom's food salvation. Goodness in a tin, protein broken down and easy to digest. Yummo, if you like your food in a bottle.

We (the doctor and I) trialed Blossom on this with good results. So I needed a paediatrician to apply on our behalf, to the Ministry of Health, for a subsidy. As this formula is drop dead expensive. Like $87 per SMALL tin expensive. Which adds up to $171 per normal size tin. Normal formula is between $15 and $22 per tin for the same amount.....yup. Kind of expensive.

So we got the subsidy approved and I popped down to the chemist to get my stash of tins. I knew it wasn't fully funded but had no idea what we would end up paying. Are you ready? We pay $7.50 per tin. $7.50!!!! Which makes it $15 per normal size tin. Stop it! I know. Craziness.

I am just not used to this type of thing. Where I grew up you don't ever get anything for free. If you don't work you don't have food to put on the table. South Africa does not have a welfare system. At all.

So I expect to pay for myself. I don't expect free healthcare, schooling or pension. I am working towards paying for myself when I get old. So this just blows me away. The government is paying nearly $80 per tin so Blossom can eat properly. I am so grateful.

Thank you whoever. I like Penny, would like to write a letter to someone and thank them. But who? The prime mminister? The Health minister? Bit laughable really but I am so grateful.

And so my little Blossom does not have puffy eyes any more, is not vomiting as much and has regular poop. You gotta love that!



Gail said...

Gosh, that is AWESOME!! What a blessing huh? - Hey didn't get a chance to catch ya at Margs. You looked absolutely gorgeous btw!!

Meg said...

That's so awesome! I wish we'd had a doctor who would have tried Reuben on it as a baby, could have saved us months and months of puking!

tea said...

I'm so glad, Sammy! And what a blessing to have so much of the cost covered! We just had to buy regular formula (around $20) and it always felt so expensive. I can't imagine $87!

Anonymous said...

How awesome! Seems like you have a great government there!

Penny said...

Yes I sing the praises of this government/country! Free paedeatrician visits, ENT appoitments and grommets, free medicine...very grateful!

Widge said...

wow first off I can't get over how expensive that formula even is to begin with! nuts!!
and double yay for the government funding. I guess it's something I tend to take for granted having been born and living here all my life.

Simoney said...

WOW. that's amazing.
Yay for the government. I guess they DO get some stuff right, aye??

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