Monday, November 29, 2010


I love this girl. With all my heart. She's loyal and deep and sensitive. And she loves me (happy sigh..)

She is also a priceless wife. Her hubbie has finished his studies (yay for him- so talented and smart and very handsome- hey, Mr Samoa- I know you agree!) and Penny has supported him from start to finish.

She has cheered him on and believed in him. She has lifted him up and encouraged him. What a wife! Such hard times and they have done it together. Pulled as one and come through stronger. Penny is a wonderful wife and (ok, in a NOT wierd way!) if I was a boy and not her sister I would want to be her husband. Even writing that sounds wierd but in my heart it's not, haha!

Now we can all look forward to next year! 3 cheers for Penny!!!!!!



Amy said...

Love it :) She's done so well.

Anonymous said...

what a blessing to have such a wonderful sissy!

love and light

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