Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Rupi!

Darling Rupi

You are two years old today! You are loving your special day even though I am not sure you understand why it's so special. Today is the day that you were born. It was the best day of our lives. Our first born, was born!

You are such a wonderful little person and growing up so fast. You are all boy and we celebrate that. You run and jump and crash your way though each day. You are strong and rough but very gentle too and give me such wonderful hugs.

I love to share food with you and hear you talk to me as we eat together. We sit close together and talk about all sorts of things. You talk in your own special language with some words I can understand and the rest I just pretend to understand. You have such passion when you talk and use lots of hand gestures. Now where did you learn those, haha?

I love how you grab my leg and command me to "Come!" I am happy to go wherever you lead me. You are very determined and make Dida and I stand exactly where you want us to so you can perform or talk to us.

You are still very reserved and take ages to open up to people. But you love the special people in your life, like me, Dida, Poppa and Nana and of course Kiki (Auntie Nikkey) You make people work so hard to earn your love (!!) that it's so special when you finally give hugs and kisses to those you trust.

I love how you perform and play your guitar. Every day involves music and you are developing a love for country music (Lord, help us..!) You dance and wriggle and play your guitar with all your might. We think you are a musical genuis but we are your parents after all.

I love you so much! I wonder at your perfection, although you try my patience a lot. And made me "time you out" on your birthday BEFORE 7.30am which made my heart sore... [I would have let you off but I thought about Dida would have said.]

You are our little prince and we cherish you. Though you are sharing your crown with a little princess who is fast growing up! I love you Rupi! And I thank God for you constantly.

Happy Birthday darling, love forever Mama



PaisleyJade said...

So precious - happy birthday Rupi!!!

Anonymous said...

That face is to die for!!!
Congrates to mom and dad and sissy too!!!

love and light

Widge said...

Happy Birthday Rupi!!

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