Friday, November 5, 2010

A bump

There's been a lot about this little girls big brother over the last little while but she's having a big week too.

She's been diagnosed as having a relatively severe intolerance to lactose. Poor mite. I got the doctor to do an allergy test as things were not quite right. A whole lot of ongoing unpleasant physical symptoms just didn't add up to whatever the doctor was saying- virus, cold, change of season etc etc.

It all makes sense now. But as those who are familiar with intolerances would know, it's not instantly fixed with a course of pills. And I want it fixed NOW as my little girl is uncomfortanble and sore.

The naturapath has her on 3 different formulas (soy, goat milk and lactose free whey-based) and they rotate with one day on each one. This is so that she doesn't get used to one and start reacting to it, as far as I understand.

Blossom is such a honey and just accepts all these new tastes. And even though she's been in such discomfort she's such a happy baby and sleeps really well. Argh. Just want her to feel better as the last 5 months must have been quite hard for her physically!

This is just a bump in the road but a stinker. All the foods that Rupi loved are out of her reach- yoghurt, baby rusks, custards etc. It's relatively easy now but I am not sure what to do when she gets older. So...any other ideas? Is anyone living with this or with someone who is?

Any advice would be much appreciated...!



tea said...

Poor Blossom. :(
I'm so glad you were able to figure out what's been bothering her. I don't have any experience with this.. other than our son can't handle very much cheese, but I'm sure that's not the same..
I hope you're able to find some good solutions. <3

Penny said...

Yes poor Blossom! Will pray she outgrows it soon. And that you get some great advice x

These Three Kings said...

I am praying!!!!

Meg said...

Oh Sammy that really sucks. Our Reuben (almost 5 now) has a life threatening allergy to cows milk. He started regularly vomiting his formula around 6months but nothing showed up in the skin prick tests till a whole year later. Email me if you want sometime? I know all the dairy free stuff x

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