Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As I bustle around my busy week, working and living life with my babies I am always aware. A shadow sits on my shoulder and I am always aware. Aware of the tragedy which has unfolded in the south island. 29 precious men trapped in a coal mine. And as a nation we peddled water. We could not go forward and we could not go back.

The rescue teams could not get into them. And so the miners waited, if they were alive. It's been 6 days and the tension in New Zealand is so thick it can be cut with a knife.

The mine is under conservation land and access to the actual mine is via a 2.5km tunnel. There are few ventilation holes and even drilling to assess air quality is problematic given it's position.

Toxic gases have accumulated and there has been a fire underground. So it's unsafe and no-one can get in. For 6 days we lived on a knife edge. Not knowing if the miners are alive, suffering or dead. Now we know. A second explosion ripped through the mine caused by the gas build up. And the men have been given up for dead.

We are a small nation. 4.5 million of us. The population of New Zealand can fit into the city I grew up in, 3 times over. We are tiny and this hurts. These men are our men. This hurts a lot.

So we pray and light candles and ask God to move. For His glory to be shown. For comfort. For peace.


PaisleyJade said...

Such a sad tragedy :'(

Penny said...

Yes, isn't it terrible. Prayers with them and their families

meeks said...

I have totally been feeling the same way!
When the bedtime was getting difficult with the kids last night...I just thought to myself...this is nothing compared to what others are going through right now.
As I was out running errands this morning, I thought about how life is going on as normal around us, but for the families down south, their life has stopped.
If only we could "will" another outcome. It's so so sad.

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