Monday, November 15, 2010

My heart sings

Someone close to us wants to live a dream. Have a little business that has the potential to be life changing. For them and their family. But they can't get a loan. So we are underwriting the loan for them. Giving them a hand up. As opposed to a hand out.

Yes there is risk. Of course. But this person is hard working and motivated with a history of paying back money. And they just need a break.

This is so special for me and as much of a blessing to me as it is to them. You see we have never been given a hand up. And so often we have longed for one. Both our parents struggled financially and so Dida and I have done everything on our own. Yes it's been fine and yes it's built character. Yes I know. But what a gift to extend a hand. To reach out and pull forward.

And that's what motivates me. To be able to extend a hand to those that need it. Especially the Ugandan orphans. This is different to that, but kinda the same. The first step, the start.

So my heart sings. Thanking God that we are able. Able to help this person and celebrate their success!



Tiffany said...

How awesome that you are in a place to be a blessing to others!

tea said...

This is wonderful! It's something my husband and I long to do as well. We come from the same place, our parents worked for what they got and weren't really able to help us. I know when we were going through the adoption process especially, we so wished someone would see our need. Since then it has really been a desire of mine to someday help other adoptive families like us. I love that you are letting God show his love and provision through you! Awesome!

tea said...

P.S. Love the new pictures in your header!

Cat said...


love and light

Penny said...

How exciting! Love it when dreams come true

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